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  • Q: Does saying Basmala directly after Takbirat Al-Ihram invalidate the latter? A: One should not directly link Takbirat Al-Ihram with whatever comes after it. If one does that deliberately, then the prayer is invalidated; if not, then it is deemed valid
  • We believe in justice for all people and support the just causes in the entire world even the causes of those who have no religion.
  • Q: Is it permissible to take semen or ova from banks or frompeople other than the husband and wife? A: This is impermissible; it is only permissible if the fertilization is between the ovum and the semen of a married couple.
  • Wronging is a demonstration of weakness, for the strong does not need to wrong anyone.
  • Q: Is it permissible to pray whilst wearing shoes or slippers? A: This is impermissible, unless the two big toes touch the ground,
  • Az-Zahra(a.s.) is part of the Prophet’s mind , feeling , movement and message , being an image of him.

The Hijab

Historical information indicates that Hijab existed before religions, and in the Code of Hammurabi, the first king of Babylon. But it was prohibited for bondmaids and restricted only to honorable women. And reading the religious texts before Islam (the Torah and the Bible), you notice indications about wearing the Hijab..... Details ›

On the love of Az-Zahraa

His Eminence, Sayyed Ali Fadlullah, delivered the two Friday sermons. In the first sermon, he talked about the virtues of Az-Zahraa. In the second sermon, he called on all the politicians and officials to find a solution to the economic crisis that takes into account the interests of all social classes, especially the poor. He also called on the Arabs and Muslims to stop the blood-shedding in Syria and be concerned with the act if storming into Al-Aqsa mosque in Palestine.... Details ›

The Reality behind Fatima’s (a.s.) Book (Mus’haf)

The Doyenne of the Women of the World, Fatima Az-Zahraa (a.s.), was raised in the house of the Prophet (p), in which the revelation descended, which paved the way for her to be the first female student in the school of Muhammad (p.), as she embraced Islam with all its teachings, concepts, and laws.... Details ›

The relationship between religion and politics

Despite the popular slogan "Our religion is politics and politics is our religion", many of our youth take a negative attitude towards politics. What is our view on this?.... Details ›

The world of happiness and suffering

"The happy one is happy from the womb of his mother, and the sufferer suffers from the womb of his mother." This Hadith implies that certain inherited characteristics are transferred from the father and the mother... Details ›

To build a society of peace and harmony

How does Allah, The Most Exalted, want the Muslim community to act in life and what kind of relations does He want it to establish among its members? ...

Polygamy in Islam between the legal right and social justice

Q: Islam gives the man the right to marry four women at the same time. Why four? And do not you see in polygamy a demeaning of the value of the woman as a human being, and a violation of her right to a stable and secure familial life with a partner that she does not share with anyone else?..

Islamic Principles in Az-Zahra's (a.s.) Speech

We ought to deduce several lessons from Az-Zahra’ (a.s.)’s teachings, speeches, and preaches. We would like to highlight a number of her lessons that we ought to master so that our loyalty to her be honest and our love be truthful; for love is not merely a heart beat or an overwhelming sentiment; rather, it is also a sincere commitment and practice...

Love and mercy are the basis of marital life

We can draw inspiration from the Holy Quran that the issue of marriage and the wish to form a family stem from the human's deep sense of need to complete one's self through getting engaged to the opposite sex, on the basis of the inherent instinct with which Allah has created people and which lies latent in the human nature that mingles the spiritual need for marriage with the physical need for satisfying desires in an intimate spiritual context.....

The conflict between the human value and the materialistic value

Allah, the most Exalted, has treated several concepts and human and social ideas through the methodology of dialogue in several verses of the Glorious Quran, like in His saying: "And set forth to them a parable of two men; for one of them We made two gardens of grape vines, and in the midst of them We made cornfield...


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