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The ruling regarding the woman’s right to divorce herself

On 24/10/2011 A.D./ Thul-Qi’da 27, 1432 H., a website published an article about divorce and mentioned that the woman can divorce herself, if she was given a power of attorney from the husband to do so.

In this respect, we remember what the late Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah (ra), had said: "The husband is not obliged to perform divorce by himself, as he can appoint someone else to do it. He could even appoint the woman to divorce herself in accordance with the way he gives her a power of attorney to perform it. This is what is publicly known as the wife having the power to divorce herself.

His Eminence believes that Allah had given the husband the exclusive right of divorce, because he is the one who lets the woman into his life and he is the one who takes her out of it. She must have been aware of that when she accepted him as a husband and shared his life with him. Nevertheless, she has the right to stipulate, as a condition in the marriage contract, the right to divorce herself.

As for the Khulu’ (irrevocable) divorce, it is achieved by the woman giving a certain sum of money to the husband and the latter accepting it.

It must be noted that it is important to spread jurisprudential knowledge among people in a plain and easy language. It is also important to spread awareness, especially regarding the consequences of divorce whose percentage is increasing daily; thus, threatening the integrity and safety of the society. The reformers are asked to be aware of this grave problem and suggest solutions to it.