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Women in Islam

A dialogue on women’s issues: guardianship, the veil and woman’s beauty

The “Arab and international solidarity” Magazine conducted a dialogue with the R. A. Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah (ra) in which he touched on most of the issues that have to do with women, such as Wilayat (guardianship) , the veil (Hijab), woman’s beauty and their relation with the movement of the society…

Equality between men and women in theory and practice (part 2)

The past view that regarded women as bodies has not changed, but rather it was further consecrated in a modern style. Moreover, we notice that the chances of the woman who possesses experience and culture in finding a job are far lesser than the chances of the woman who is beautiful and attractive even in the domains that require experience and culture and not beauty and attractiveness.

Equality between men and women in theory and practice (part 1)

Q: Islam has equated between the man and the woman at the theoretical level; however, going through the Islamic history reveals that there was no such equality at the level of the rules and behavior. In your opinion, what is the reason behind that?

The legitimacy of women assuming political and judicial positions

The issue of women assuming political and judicial positions is one of the issues discussed by the Islamic jurisprudence.

The status of the woman in the Quran

The following are excerpts from An-Nadwa. Islamic visions: family and society by His Eminence, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah...


“It is obligatory on every mukallaf, man and woman, to ward off danger from themselves, regardless of its source, be it from another human being or animal, or anything else (natural)” says His Eminence, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah (ra) in his book, The Manifest Edicts...

Engagement: The concept and the formula

Engagement represents a convention; it is the stage between the woman's acceptance to marry the person who proposes to her and her actual marriage to him. It is not accepted that..

The ruling regarding the woman’s right to divorce herself

On 24/10/2011 A.D./ Thul-Qi’da 27, 1432 H., a website published an article about divorce and mentioned that the woman can divorce herself, if she was given a power of attorney from the husband to do so.

What does it take to be a feminist?

Amina, a 19 year old Tunisian activist, posted pictures of herself online; topless with the words: “My body is mine;it is not the source of anyone’s honor;” paying respect to the Ukrainian feminist protest group “FEMEN.”

The woman's personality and role in life

Women in the Queen are cited as role models for both men and women, which proves that Islam does not consider women as anything but equal to men; their innate weakness and tendency to be emotional can surely be overcome if favorable conditions and a strong belief are available.