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Ibrahim (a.s.) was capable of combining two aspects in his personality: the father, and the prophet. Being a father, Ibrahim (a.s.) attempted to bring his son closer to Allah so that he would enjoy his mercy and blessings. In doing so, he was a prophet enjoining good and forbidding evil with his son just like any other human being. He was a messenger to his son and other men as well, unlike some who tend to preach all people but give his family or children absolute freedom, leaving them on their own...
Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) was indeed the man of God who shouldered the responsibility of being ultimately true to God in all his actions and words, and despite all of the difficulties and obstacles standing in his way. He was an authentic servant of God who lived for His sake.
The life of the Prophet (p) has been a matter for discussion for decades. Orientalists in particular delved into the Prophet (p)’s marriages as they have once reached nine wives at a time.
The twenty eighth of Safar marks the death anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (p.), and upon his death, Allah's revelations from the sky came to a standstill and one of the people's two safeguards was lost, for Allah says: 'But Allah was not going to chastise them while you were among them, nor is Allah going to chastise them while yet they ask for forgiveness...
Talking to His Messenger (p.), God says in His Glorious Book:“Prophet, we have sent you forth as a witness a bearer of good news and a warner, one who shall call, men to God by His leave and guide them like a shining light...
Jerusalem, English for Al- Quds, the oldest city in history that bears infinite scars from ancient times. From the Proto Canaanite period dating around 4500–3500 BC, through the Neo- Babylonian period, the Roman period, the Byzantine period, the Rashidun, Umayyad, and Abbasid periods, in addition to the Fatimid period until the decline of the Ottoman period and surrendering the city to the British mandate in 1917, the city has been destroyed twice, besieged 23 times, attacked 52 times, and captured and recaptured 44 times.
Michael Cook, Cleveland Dodge professor of Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University, held a lecture regarding the leading figure who established an empire of faith, Prophet Muhammad.
Sarah Joseph, CEO and Editor of Muslim lifestyle magazine emel and commentator on British Muslims, discovers the possibility of the man that both Muslims and Christians call the Messiah have the potential to be a bridge between the two religions.