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Acting out Ashoura events

Q: What is the Islamic ruling regarding the performance of the incidents of Ashura in a movie or play?

A: It is obvious that a memory such as Ashura that is related to the popular and religious conscience, and to the cultural memory and political movement, as well, ought to witness development in the way of expressing it in accordance with the development of the means of expression throughout time, since these developed means are the ones which man opens up to. In the light of the above mentioned, not only do we encourage the commemoration of Ashura, in the way it is practiced nowadays, but we also call for developing the means of portraying it.

We believe that the performance of the story of Ashura on a primitive theatre via primitive means is too poor to lead to a good effect simply because the observer loses this lively and spiritual interaction which the commemoration of Ashura aims to.

Therefore, we aim to make Ashura an occasion that does not only concern the Shiites but also a universal occasion that concerns all the people due to its human dimensions. Thus, we need developed technical means and very creative playwrights and artists who would compose, direct, and perform the incidents of Ashura on a well-developed modern theater.