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Al-Ghadir Day is the day of the Wilayah, and this day has a connotation that is related to the Islamic course that confirms the issue of leadership and guardianship as one of the bases of the balance and righteousness of the Islamic society and the authenticity of its course .
Some people might wonder: for what reason is this insistence on commemorating certain religious occasions and focusing on particular Islamic figures?
The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah discussed the political significance of the treaty of Hudaibiya, considering the conquest of Mecca a manifest victory, as it is stated in the Holy Quran
The message of pluralism and tolerance which is preached by Islam is evident since the very commencement of the religion. It is clearly indicated in the Holy Quran that Allah and His Messenger (p) has a respect for diversity.
“Islam is a holistic and complete concept,” it encompasses politics, law, sociology, and philosophy. They are all involved in the making of the bigger picture of the faith. Only few scholars were capable of mastering this knowledge. Muhammad Baqer Al-Sadr is a prominent figure among them.
It has been narrated that: “Islam did not rise except through Khadija’s wealth and Ali’s sword.” When speaking of Islam, one cannot but recall this great lady, who happens to be the first female to embrace Islam.