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Family and Marriage

One thing that deserves mention is that a corrupt community may take away a prophet’s family from him without any resistance. This is because resistance (by the prophet ) is directed against the greater community
A worker in the east of China beat his 11-year-old daughter to death, because she copied her classmate’s homework several times. The Chinese news agency, Xinhua, reported, according to the police, that a man in the eastern Zhejiang province forced his 11-year-old daughter to kneel down,
Q: Islam gives the man the right to marry four women at the same time. Why four? And do not you see in polygamy a demeaning of the value of the woman as a human being, and a violation of her right to a stable and secure familial life with a partner that she does not share with anyone else?
We can draw inspiration from the Holy Quran that the issue of marriage and the wish to form a family stem from the human's deep sense of need to complete one's self through getting engaged to the opposite sex...
God says in His glorious book:“Your Lord has decreed that you should not adore anyone but Him. He has recommended kindness towards your mother and father. If one of them or both of them have grown old near you don’t even say ‘ouf’ to them and don’t shout at them but speak to them respectfully. Lower the wing of humility to them mercifully and say..
When studying the Islamic historical reality, the best methodology to adopt is that of objectivity, accuracy, and open-mindedness which would ultimately prevent lots of problems.
In our contemporary times, we are facing new trends that are fighting the family system and the institution of marriage, under the pretext that the family strangles the individual's freedom, whether that individual was a man or woman, and traps him/her in a narrow zone through which he cannot exercise his freedom in living a life full of entertainment and messing around, and in going wherever he wants.
Q: Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib (a.s.) counseled that parents should rear their children in a manner different than the one in which they were reared, on the premise that they were born in a different time. What is the significance of an outlook that takes time difference into consideration? What is the role of past methods and experience?
Among the moral titles pertaining to the marital relationship is Allah’s saying: "And treat them kindly," i.e. you ought not to complicate matters and contrive to dissolve the marriage, but rather maintain a rational in your way of thinking....
The term "adolescence" is a modern term brought up by the western culture that indicates a period that starts from puberty until the age of eighteen or more, knowing that its duration would differ from a person to another according to the hereditary and environmental factors. Based on this concept, adolescence includes all the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social changes that would occur in the human character.