1. Question: A woman finds out that you must not have any nail polish on when completing ghusl. She has done ghusl for many years and does not remember how many time she had nail polish on, she was unaware having nail polish on during ghusl is not allowed.
    She completed ghusl one night so she could begin fasting again and in the morning her mother saw half-painted nail polish on her toes. She tells her she can’t completed ghusl without the removal on nail polish.

    What is her obligation here? Does she have to remake the years of Salah and fasting?

    • A: According to Sayyed Fadlullah the nail paint (polish) is not a barrier that invalidates Wudu and Ghusul therefore they are valid and so are the prayers (Salah) and the fasting.

  2. Is it allowed for a wife to use another woman’s egg with her husbands sperm if she is unable to fall pregnant? Can you please answer with as much detail in regards to the conditions needed to be observed if allowed.

    • This is impermissible unless the woman whom we want to take the egg from to fertilize it is a second wife of the husband. Thus she should be a woman whom the husband is legally allowed to marry. Therefore he should firstly marry her, then take the egg from her, fertilize it and plant it in the womb of the first wife.