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Fadlullah: There is a global alliance between the international Zionist movement and Western administrations and figures to defame the image of Islam

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, released a statement on the conference that was held recently in Israel in the framework of an increasing international campaign against Islam. The following is the text of the statement:

At the present time, Islam is being exposed to one of the fiercest campaigns, one that is carried out on a large scale, especially in the Western countries where officials distinguish between the so-called extremist Islamic groups and the rest of the Muslims. At the same time, these officials deal with Islam as an alarming political and cultural and ideological entity that provokes doubts and suspicion. In this regard, European writers say that the European countries continue to deal with Islam as a scary enemy and neighbor.

There is another issue that surfaced over the past years, represented by the interference of the Zionist entity and the global Zionist movement through supporting the anti-Islamic extremists that exist in many Western countries. The Zionists instigate these members politically and in the media, in order to criticize and attack the overall image of Islam or they try to benefit from certain personalities who have consecrated their political and cultural movement to attack Islam. Moreover, they convene cultural conferences and ceremonies to warn against Islam and the Islamic threat to Europe, saying that this threat is a result of the increasing number of Muslims in the European countries. Over the past years, we noticed that many innovations [known as bid’ah] brought about by the Zionists – be they ideological or political innovations – are accepted in many western countries and particularly the United States, whose former president claimed to be delegated by God to salvage the world. Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, decided to participate in the war on Iraq and Kosovo under the pretext that God has asked him to wage these wars and under the assumption that the forces of good should triumph over those of evil.

We notice that the West – though many of its administrations said that they have become closer to the choice of dialogue thanks to various international economic and financial changes – still adopts the theory of “preemptive deterrence”, not only in terms of the preemptive wars, but also in terms of the preemptive cultural deterrence in which all cultural and media weapons are used to defame the image of Islam. We have seen that official religious figures adopt the fabrications of US thinkers that Islam is a religion of violence.

There is a clandestine and open cooperation and alliance between the global Zionist movement and some Western administrations and European and American figures in order to defame the image of Islam. This was revealed through offensive and humiliating caricatures, movies, and articles that all aim at insulting Islam. It was also revealed through the direct involvement of the Israeli enemy to adopt the anti-Islam theory and prevent Islam from extending to the West, in addition to besieging and fighting it in Arab and Islamic countries.

The Arab and Islamic silence on this war which is led by western administrations in coordination with the international Zionist movement and the extremist Jewish parties in Israel is notable. Recently, a conference was convened in Israel, warning against the spread of Islam in Europe in particular and the world in general. It was attended by western figures such as the American writer Daniel Pipes and the Dutch Deputy Wilders, the producer of the movie “Sedition”. The conference warned against the increase in the number of Muslims throughout the world, saying this is a dangerous phenomenon. It called for curbing the number of those converting into Islam from other religions and preventing the expansion of Muslims in Europe. It also considered the moderate Muslims as being the most dangerous of all, seeing that they enjoy the trust of many European figures and lead indirectly to many Europeans converting into Islam. The Zionist media said that the conference conveyed an important message that Israel is not alone in the face of Islam, and that it has partners and supporters in Europe.

This has taken place a few months following the convention of the interfaith dialogue, during which Islamic religious figures shook hands with Israel’s Prime Minister. This dialogue was meant to pave the way for normalization with the enemy at the time when the western assault on Islam continues, and when Arab figures from Saudi Arabia, the cradle of Islam, say loudly that Israel and the Arabs could cooperate in many fields, including water, agriculture, science, and education. These figures said: “There are mutual visits between the people of Israel and the rest of the Arab countries.”

We notice that the Israeli campaign against the Arabs and Muslims and above all against Islam itself is on the rise, while the Arabs are making more concessions to their enemy and succumbing to it. We here ask about the genuine role of the Arab League, and the Islamic Conference Organization whose nominal movement in some of its conferences is becoming alarming and might be paving the way for some projects that harm the nation, especially since we have started to notice an increasing American pressure against the Arab oppositionists, through giving the impression that the Islamic countries do not mind going far to the extent of recognizing Israel if the latter saves the face of these countries in front of their people.

We believe that the new international climates which surfaced following the recent economic crisis, and the advent of a new administration in the United States, coupled with other global changes, did not prevent the expansion of the programmed and studied international assault against Islam in which Western administrations and figures contribute with the international Zionist movement. Therefore, the Muslims and Arabs are asked to face this assault and to liberate their lands. The people should carry this great burden in order to pass the same test which regimes, regional and non-regional organizations failed.

We want the western nations to open up to Islam through its real and correct sources, not through the writings of anti-Islam writers and sides. We also affirm to the entire world that terrorism represents an international phenomenon that has its reasons and backgrounds. This phenomenon exists in the east and west alike, and thus, everyone should face it through addressing its reasons and facts, aside from accusing Islam or any other ideology on side.