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Palestine, Israel, America, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon.

Palestine, Israel, America, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon.

The Arabs' resignation from the Palestinian cause

In Palestine, the Israeli aggression on Al-Aqsa Mosque continues as part of the continuous aggression on the Palestinian people, as well as the Arab and Islamic nation, in a Zionist attempt to impose a new fait accompli that eradicates everything that has to do with the Islamic and Arab identity in Palestine, so that once the Arabs and Muslims and Palestinian negotiators wake up from their civilized sleep, they would find nothing to demand for or negotiate about.

It is shameful that the Palestinian naked chests are abandoned and left alone to defend Al-Aqsa, especially after the expansion of the scope of the aggression against it [the Mosque] in what seems as an Arab and Islamic resignation from the Palestinian cause and from all the other crucial causes related to it, for all what the Arabs are offering are statements of condemnation, denouncement and grief. Moreover, the Arab and Islamic regimes are preoccupied with bilateral struggles and internal disagreements within their countries which they have turned into big prisons for their peoples, in a kind of conspiracy of concerted roles in the international game that aims at establishing a reality in which the Zionists entirely end the Palestinian cause in appropriate political conditions.

The collapse of the Arab institutions  

Thus, the Arab League has collapsed, the Organization of the Islamic Conference has failed, and Al-Quds Committee is absent, and the Arabs and Muslims were meant to suffocate in their internal problems and to be stranded down the road of finding solutions for their social situations, and the rising poverty percentages amongst them as a result of the oppression and starvation policy adopted by the authorities that have got used to re-electing themselves and their symbols in well-studied and calculated political and electoral occasions.

The PA turns its back to Israel  

We feel the mass danger of the engagement of the Palestinians in internal political rows and mutual accusations of treason and collaboration, at a time the enemy proceeds with its attack on the last of the Palestinian religious and political sanctuaries. Moreover, we wonder how a certain authority preparing for the elections could use against its people, or at least a big part of it, such cruel and hurtful words, at a time this same authority addresses the enemy with a calm ordinary political rhetoric; thus demonstrating a scene in which man's self-respect is lost before an enemy that goes so far in humiliating and insulting him.

We say to those and to everyone who gives ear and earnestly witnesses (the truth): The Palestinian situation, as a whole, is a trust in your hands, and this kind of rhetoric as well as insisting on turning the back to the enemy and the major causes, and preceding with inciting marginal issues in an emotional manner will eventually result in ending the Palestinian cause and making the temple collapse on the heads of everyone in the inside and the outside. Therefore, you ought to return to dialogue, which is the right thing to do, for you have got no other choice but dialogue.

Iraq: A bleeding wound

On another level, Iraq, the country the nation used to regard as a crucial supporter to its causes, and particularly the Palestinian one, was meant, by certain international and regional axes and Takfiri parties related to them, to turn into a bleeding wound and an everlasting tragedy that drives the attention away from the crimes of the Jewish occupiers against the Palestinians, paving the way for the enemy to go forth in its aggressive scheme.

Moreover, any attack on the innocent people and the civilians in any Arab or Islamic country, just as the horrible explosions that took place in Iraq and in Peshawar, a Pakistani province, and resulted in the death and injury of hundreds of people regardless of their sectarian, racial, and confessional affiliations… any such attack is an attack on all the Muslims' issues, at the top of which is the Palestinian cause. In addition, we consider the explosions that took place in Baghdad, recently, and that resulted in the death and injury of around a thousand people to be executed by collaborators with the enemy and ones who serve its goals and plans, whether intentionally or unintentionally, and their abode will be one of painful chastisement that Allah promised "whoever slays a soul, unless it be for manslaughter or for mischief in the land" with.

Turkey: A bold stand

In this dreadful scene engulfing the nation and threatening it in many of its positions due to the infighting and the moving internal strife, starting from Yemen, to Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq, reaching Afghanistan that has turned into a graveyard that welcomes the invaders who go forth in committing crimes against the Afghani civilians… before this scene, we cannot but appreciate and praise the stands of certain Turkish officials and the leaders of the Justice and Development Party who defended the Palestinian people and condemned the Israeli crimes as clearly and explicitly as possible. Moreover, the Turkish Prime Minister defended the Islamic Republic of Iran and pointed out that the west treats Iran "unfairly", because, as he said, the states that accuse Iran of seeking to possess nuclear weapons are the same states that possess major and powerful nuclear capabilities. Actually, this Turkish official Islamic stand, along with the vital popular stand in the Turkish "street", represents a major starting point towards rehabilitating the Islamic positions that are capable of protecting the nation's issues, at the top of which is the Palestinian cause.             

Lebanon's everlasting political instability

As for Lebanon whose officials are satisfied with listening to the threats of the enemy's Minister of War who said that the Israeli army is ready and prepared for a new war against Lebanon, and with watching the Israeli – American maneuvers taking place on their borders while hiding their heads in the sand, disregarding the dangers approaching from the South and awaiting the "big accomplishment" of the birth of a new cabinet after more than four months of waiting… this Lebanon will remain in the sphere of political turmoil and will remain an exposed and open arena to the Israeli espionage, without any questioning by the United Nations. Moreover, "Larsen", the guardian of the 1701 resolution, in his biased reports, seeks to lay the foundation for further Zionist infringements to the resolution, and continuous violations to the Lebanese sovereignty, in the sense that the international parties will continue to consider this country from the Israeli security point of view... whereas, the security of the Lebanese, as well as their political, economic, and social safety will remain subjected to the dictations of the outside and the negligence of the inside.