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Fadlullah warned against a political farce and deception of the Arab and Islamic peoples

The Sayyed: There are indirect official Arab attempts to normalize relations with the enemy and surrender to its conditions

His Eminence, the Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, said that what is going on these days is more like a political play that aims at deceiving the Arab and Islamic people, under the pretext that time is in favor of the enemy, and that the Palestinian people are exhausted, and negotiations are the only way to obtain rights. He cautioned against the behavior of some Arab officials who are seeking indirect ways to normalize relations with the enemy, noting that the settlement activities will continue, and that there is an implicit American-Israeli agreement to tighten the grip over the Arabs, while Israel refuses to offer anything in return.

The following is the text of the statement:

The American Administration and the Zionist entity, are about o tighten their grip over the Palestinian cause, at this very critical and difficult period that exhausted the nation with the wounds of occupation, hegemony, and domestic security and political fractures. These fractures are aimed at obliterating what has been established by the heroic resistance in Lebanon, Palestine, and other locations in the Arab and Islamic worlds.

Despite the failures that accompanied the American move launched by the American President, Barack Obama, eight months ago namely the Israeli continued rejection to provide favorable climates for this move to flourish or make any nominal steps regarding the Palestinian cause and the Arab peace initiative there is a backstage agreement between the American Administration and the enemy. Upon this agreement, the United States and Israel offer some proposals and words for the Arabs, in order to drag them into normalization. While some countries have already pursued the path of normalization, others would open their airspace for the civil planes of the enemy, and perhaps non-civilian ones, as an expression of loyalty for the forthcoming normalization.

What is going on at the present time is a political play that is intended to deceive the Arab and Islamic people. It is also a major farce aimed at changing the equation of the public opinion which is against Israel, under the pretext that what can be achieved in the coming negotiations, cannot be achieved in later stages, and that time is in favor of Israel and the Palestinian people are exhausted and their capacities are depleted. They are also circulating that the nation is witnessing fragmentation, besiege, and occupation, and is in a dire need for rest; therefore, we should wash our hands off the Palestinian cause once and for all.

We warn against the plans being prepared to resume negotiations with Israel, through a three-party summit that groups the American president, the Israeli Prime Minister, and the Palestinian President. This summit does not come in the framework of giving the Palestinians some of their rights, but rather to pave the way for a long term negotiation process; one that brings the Palestinians further disappointments. Such negotiations will further subjugate the Palestinians inside the occupied West Bank, especially Jerusalem, and crack down those in Gaza.

In addition, many international quarters, and even Arab ones, continue to divide the ranks of the Palestinians, and disperse them at home, in order to push tem to surrender to the non-state reality. This is because the enemy has decided not to give the Palestinians anything. Moreover, the United States is still working on forming a Palestinian security force tasked with protecting Israel's national security, while the Palestinians are vulnerable to assassinations and detentions and so forth.

The enemy has started the game of speaking about freezing the settlement activities for a certain period of time, while reality shows that this freezing will never take place, because Israel has obtained an authorization from the United States to continue the construction of more than 2500 settlement units. This means that the title of normalization the Arabs and Palestinians are called to adopt is nonsense and lacks any real political content. The actual translation of this title represents Arab and Palestinian surrender to the Israeli conditions to the effect: You have to accept the settlement activities as a fait accompli and after that, we can resume negotiations. But when the hour of truth rings, and negotiations are concluded, the West Bank would be loaded with settlements to the extent that the Palestinians will have no room to establish self-rule.

It is extremely shameful that some voices are heard from the Palestinian arena that restrict the demands to the cessation of the negotiations, at a time the Israeli Prime Minister says that the Palestinians must recognize the Jewish aspect of the state and a demilitiralized Palestinian state. It is very shameful that some sides are waving the card of negotiations with the enemy in the face of the option of Palestinian dialogue which is intended to remain contingent upon the international conditions, the Israeli demands, and the Arab situation.

I call on the Arab and Islamic people to be alert to the plan that aims at preventing them from saying their word when it comes to the Palestinian cause. This cause is intended to be finished off in favor of the enemy. I also call on the Islamic references, both Sunnis and Shiites, as well as the Christian and Arab references, to manifest a clear-cut stand; one that foils the trap being set up for the Palestinians under the name of peace. This trap is also aimed at imposing the choice of naturalization and placing the nation under the international and regional axes. The nation and its active forces will not accept this plan, under any circumstances and considerations.