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Fadlullah: The disposition of killing and eradication is deep-rooted in the occupying Jews

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, issued a communiqué in which he commented on the testimonies of the occupation soldiers who participated in the aggression on Gaza, and the refraining of the International Criminal Court from prosecuting the enemy's leaders. It said:

The testimonies of the enemy's soldiers who participated in the aggression on Gaza, which were published in the Zionist media and which included an explicit command to kill civilian Palestinians from the highest military and even political Israeli leaders, revealed the true nature of the occupying Jews who usurped Palestine and committed the most horrendous crimes in Palestine, as well as the neighboring Arab states.

It also showed that all the massacres they have committed in their wars were premeditated and planned for by the enemy's leadership, whether it was Ben Gorion, Golda Meir, Yitzhak Rabin, Yitzhak Shamir, Shimon Perez, Olmert, Barak, or others.

The killing and eradication trends are deep rooted in the psyche of these people, and constitute a part of the education the Jewish occupying generations were brought up on, benefiting from the Nazi persecution their grandfathers had talked about. This confirms what some researches have indicated when they explained that the victim usually identifies with the aggressor, and tends to apply the most sadist and bloody practices in dealing with others.

The soldiers' testimonies have revealed how thirsty the enemy's soldiers and leaders were to the Arab blood, and specifically the Palestinian blood. They also showed how much worthless are the lives of civilians in their eyes, and how much they enjoy the killing of children, women, and the elderly.

A soldier who described his experience says: one of our officers, a brigade commander, saw a woman passing in the street; she was an old woman and I do not know if she was suspicious or not, but he ordered his men to go to the roof and shoot her…

These testimonies that talk about eradicating entire families, and killing every civilian that moves indicate that this army, which the Israeli propaganda describes as the "most moral", is the most savage in history. Moreover, what the enemy's war minister said in the beginning of the aggression on Gaza about the difference between his army and the Palestinian fighters being that his army adheres to high moral norms is merely a lie and a deception, since the series of crimes committed in Gaza were planned before hand by the top military and political leaderships in Israel.

It is clear that the orders given to the enemy's soldiers have focused on killing the largest number of Palestinian civilians and dealing with them as training targets, benefiting from the lessons of the July war in Lebanon, which also witnessed several massacres, but which the enemy claims that the large number of his losses and ultimately his failure, were due to his concern for the lives of civilians.

Thus, the clothes the elite units of the enemy's army were wearing and that carried inscriptions and pictures that call for enjoying the killing of Palestinian women and children, including a picture of a pregnant Palestinian woman under which is written: one bullet kills two…" not only show how racist and hateful this army is, but also signify that this killing is a sustainable policy adopted since this entity was established. Thus, the juristic rulings of the enemy's rabbis that call for destroying the houses of the Palestinians, uprooting their plants and trees and killing their children do not contradict with this policy, but rather strengthen it.

Thus, when their chief rabbi says that the Palestinians and the Arabs are insects that should be killed; he is actually representing the deep-rooted mentality of the Jewish occupiers.

Faced by these facts, which the UN committees have described as war crimes and acts of liquidification, we wonder why were not the leaders and soldiers of the Zionist army prosecuted by the International Criminal Court. Is it to prosecute the Arabs only especially that Barak, one of the enemy's leaders, who is directly responsible of these massacres, is getting ready to assume his position in the new Zionist cabinet?!

We have begun to hear some international officials urging the enemy to conduct local trials in which the Israeli judiciary investigates the crimes and the massacres that were committed in Gaza so as to circumvent any international prosecution. This reminds us of what has happened in Jenin, when the enemy expelled the United Nations investigation committee and presented to the world the picture it wanted. It also brings to mind how the Israelis rid themselves of the responsibility of the Massacres of Sabra and Chatila, Kana and others.

As we consider the call for an Israeli prosecution a suspicious and dubious one that aims at throwing dust in the eyes, and declaring the enemy innocent from all the horrendous crimes it had committed in Gaza, we believe that the enemy's judiciary is the racist judiciary that accompanied all the enemy's crimes and was a part of it and even a false witness…

Thus, we call on the Arab States and judiciary to hasten to thwart all the attempts that are going on in private and in public to close this file, especially that many Western media sources has begun to talk about the enemy's crimes that had exposed it before the Western nations, in a way that it can no longer cover up its true image that was exposed by the savageness of the crimes it had committed, especially in Gaza.

  We call on the specialists in the domains of media and publicity, Arabs and Muslims, and all the free people and truth seekers in the world to study all the huge and numerous testimonies and documents that condemn the enemy conclusively and beyond any doubt, and to benefit from them to inform the Western public opinion about them, whether via the media, or the internet, books, or posters…in order to place the world in front of an evident truth; which is that keeping this entity away from accountability and prosecution would endanger the international security… So, either the international law is above everyone, or no one would abide by its instructions or submit to its rules and regulations.