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Fadlullah's communiqué regarding the explosions that targeted the visitors of Imam Hussein's shrine.

Fadlullah calls on all Muslim scholars to confront the phenomenon of killing innocent people in the name of Islam


The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, issued a communiqué regarding the explosions that targeted the visitors of Imam Hussein's shrine. He said:

One of the most dangerous issues the nation has been plagued with in the last few years is the phenomenon of Takifir that has produced a savage murderous brutality that is disguised with sanctity and religion.

In actual fact, this phenomenon is built on ignorant and fanatic Fatawas made by fanatic personalities who do not really, know the other, nor do they have a good understanding of Islam. Nevertheless, it has been able to influence many naïve people, promising them to be with the Prophet, companions andmartyrs in heaven ifthey explode themselves in innocent and peaceful civilian believers.

As we feel the dangerousness of this phenomenon with its savageness and seekingto create of a moving strife among Muslims, as well as a distortion of the image of Islam in the world, we are astonished by this complete silence in the Muslim world towards these murderous operations that kill children, women and the elderly, form Pakistan and Afghanistan to Iraq.

We feel that the nation should confront this state of aggression on all levels, including the cultural and political ones, since the crime that targeted the believers who were visiting Imam Hussein, his family and companions represent the highest level of savageness, that is committed by those who do not have an Islamic conscience and do not open up on Allah's Messenger. How else can we explain that these crimes target the believers who were loyal to Imam Hussein, and wished to celebrate the occasion of his revolution as a taken of love to Ahl-El-Beit and the grandson of the Messenger(p.), abiding the Messenger's guiding lines when he said: "Hussein is part of me and I am part of Hussein".

The Problem with some of these savage murders, is that they deem permissible to spill the blood of Muslims who embrace another sect or believe in other political opinions, killing tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis in their mosques, shrines markets… etc. As for their claim of confronting occupation, we feel that they have distorted the image of the national and Islamic resistance, especially that the number of civilians they killed is vastly greater than the number of occupation soldiers.

We have called upon all parties to conduct an Islamic dialogue to discuss the controversial issues of belief and unbelief and of killing fellow Muslims on the basis of unbelief or apostasy that have been ruled in a ignorant and backward way that has nothing to do with jurisprudence.

We believe that this has led to the success of the American Arrogance in creating strife among Muslims, thus weakening them and making them fight one another. We call on all Muslim religious scholars of all sects, and all free men who respect human rights and condemn the killing of innocent civilians, as well as the officials in the Muslim countries, to move fast before the temple falls on the heads of all of us.

We also call on the visitors of the Holy shrines to be more vigilant, so that each citizen will take his part in protecting the people from these murderous beasts.