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Sayyed Fadlullah: Bush should be tried as the number one liar in the world

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah issued a statement in which he commented on what the independent American centers of studies had said about the lies made by the American Administration, especially prior to the war on Iraq. He said:

The big crisis that is devastating the entire world and that caused in recent years huge catastrophes on the security, economic and political levels, is mostly the result of the destruction launched by the American Administration that was able to make a change in the world. These policies and these changes they indeed were based on lying that it has been considered the norm in its movements in the US as well as on the international level in general, and through which the US has launched its destructive project, especially in the Arab and Muslim region.

There is no doubt that the nations have the right to wonder about this submissiveness of the so-called "International Public Opinion" in its stands towards this Administration that searches for the most ridiculous and mean claims to use them in instigating a war here and a strife there, while resorting to intimidating this country or that opposition in a way that makes people feel that they are the victims of the security, political, and economic situations created by this American Administration that has used lies as a prevailing political means.

When we read in a study made by a nonprofit American center for studies, that Bush alone has made "259 false statements" about Iraqi weapons and al-Qaida, we wonder about the freedom which the American regime provides its president with to practice this kind of brutality and this arbitrary authority by which he invades countries, kills peoples, fails economies and makes the entire world subject to the bloody violence and the moving terrorism.

We ask everyone: Is there any regime in the world that can provide such atmosphere to a president who works on destroying the entire world? Can the religious regimes or the so called "totalitarian regimes", or even the most backward countries in the world provide that atmosphere for their officials or propagate lies all over the world to this great extent?

Then, we wonder about the role of the American media itself, in addition to the disastrous consequences of those lies on the world level, especially that some American journalists or news organizations have all recognized that their coverage in the months that preceded that war on Iraq was neither independent nor objective.

As a result, we raise the following question: Is this the democracy President Bush was calling the Arab and Muslim world to adopt?

We consider that Bush should be seen by the world as an apostle of lies and a preacher of destruction and terrorism. He should be tried as the number one liar in the world who has caused the death of tens of thousands of people, instead of giving him medals and swords in any Arab country he visited.

We warn the peoples in the region and in the world, especially the EU countries that the American Administration has made them fall within its orbit, we warn them against Bush's and his deputy's "next big lie". We also call them to confront any new American attempt in this respect because that has negative consequences on the world peace more than it would on the current American Administration, hence, some of those who are addicted to lying in this Administration are thinking about throwing a new fire ball in the region and rolling it before the next American Administration and the next President.

At a time we feel the nation's future is in danger due to the American policy of deceiving and lying, we also feel that the political lies that have become the salt of the U.S. policy is not a coincident. Therefore, we want our people to be conscious on the political level and not to believe these lies that are intended to instigate strife on the sectarian and other levels. We also call on our people to be cautious of the attempts to accuse Iran of intimidating the Arab countries, especially in the Gulf, and giving the false impression that Iran is the enemy that they must be wary of, while suggesting that Israel is the friend whom they ought to be open on and normalize the relationships with.