Home Archive Statements A stand on the last blood-shedding explosions in Baghdad 08/11/1430 H., 26/10/2009 A.D.

condemning the explosions in Iraq, terrorism, Takfiris.

Fadlullah: We have never witnessed, throughout history, a "resistance" that kills its own people, and with such brutality

His Eminence, the Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, confirmed that the perpetrators of the explosions in the heart of Baghdad have actually benefited the Israeli enemy for they have succeeded in distracting people away from the crimes of Israel that has gone forth in besieging Al-Aqsa Mosque, breaking into it and trying to destroy it.

His Eminence pointed out that certain regional and international axes focus on undermining the Iraqi political setup and deterring the Iraqis' rise and salvation from the occupation; however, they failed to prolong the phase of sectarian sedition and civil war, and they resorted instead to turning Iraq into an arena plagued with chaos and blood shedding. He also called on the Iraqi people to unite and solidify against the criminals seeking to destabilize Iraq, and called on all the political parties to resolve the elections issue, and prevent its exploitation by others.

His Eminence issued a statement condemning the last two explosions in Baghdad. Following is the text of the statement:


Iraq, represented by its people, institutions, and entity, is still paying the price of the regional and international game, as a result of the big crimes committed against its people and in terms of the atmosphere and conditions prepared and nourished by the American occupation to pave the way for further enflaming the Iraqi arena and shedding more blood.

Moreover, certain regional positions, along with their supporters and the Takfiri parties who have failed to prolong the phase of sectarian sedition and civil war between Iraq's several parties and different sects, are seeking to turn Iraq into an arena where violence, death, and destruction prevail. This would further destabilize Iraq, leading to the persistence of the occupation under the pretext of the bloody chaos that it [the occupation] will exploit to the largest extent, especially that the American officials have spoken of the possibility of keeping their troops for years to come. As a result, the perpetrators of all the criminal and brutal crimes the last of which were the two explosions in the heart of Baghdad would emerge as direct collaborators with the occupation or at least as accomplices or employees who seek achieving the goals of the occupation whether directly or indirectly.

Therefore, classifying those parties in the category of the resistance is actually an offense and a defamation to the name of the real resistance, as well as Iraq and all our causes, especially that we have never witnessed, throughout history, a "resistance" that kills its own people and sheds the blood of civilians and innocent people, and with such brutality that is in no way related to Islam, nationalism, and Arabism.

We believe that the perpetrators of this criminal and savage massacre have actually benefited the Israeli enemy for they have succeeded – in a way or another – in distracting people away from the ongoing crimes of Israel that has gone forth in besieging Al-Aqsa Mosque and breaking into it and suppressing its prayer attendants, seeking to demolish it and destabilize its pillars and conceal its Islamic identity in an attempt to judaize Jerusalem and entire Palestine, and expel the remaining Palestinians to outside Palestine.

We believe that these are also accomplices in the crime of depriving the Iraqi people from the opportunity to establish stability, and rendering its future subjected to occupation and chaos that aims at undermining any attempt for political construction through this electoral phase or that political one, turning the Iraqi people into the fuel that is to be used to enflame the coming satanic projects under sectarian, political, and racial titles…etc.

As a result of this monstrous tragedy and atrocious crime, we call on the Iraqis, of all sects, confessions, and races to hold on to the option of unity and to cling onto the decision of driving Iraq out of the whirl of violence and occupation. We also call on all the political parties to find their way towards agreement, especially over electoral issues that are still being circulated. As a matter of fact, we believe that certain international and regional axes, as well as some internal parties whose affiliation and movement holds no loyalty for Iraq, are seeking to undermine the entire Iraqi entity, by searing every chance for a coming rise and blasting every phase of an effective political construction, be it through the elections or otherwise.

We call on the Iraqis to unite, solidify, and besiege the perpetrators of these crimes, and to strive hard to expose them and reveal their goals, in order to prevent them from penetrating into the Iraqi political fabric, in a real attempt to build the free and independent Iraq that rebels against the occupation and those who call for violence and Takfir.