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Fadlullah: Durban II Conference paved the way for new offenses against Islam

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, issued a statement on the activities and resolutions of the Durban II Conference. The following is the text of the statement:

"The discussion that took place in the anti-racism conference, which was held in Geneva under the title of Durban II, revealed that the international trend spearheaded by the western countries, namely the United States and the European countries, focuses its political and diplomatic and media movement on preventing any attempts to condemn Israel in any international meeting, even if this meeting groups the largest number of the anti-American and anti-Israeli countries. The reason is because the conference was previously planned in a way that does not accuse Israel in any way. [According to the conference], Israel should not be accused of racism, even if this requires forging the reality and practicing many pressures on the groups and states and countries which were victims of the deadly Israeli racism for several decades.

The Conference revealed that the Arabs and the Muslim groups were the biggest losers, because they succumbed to the desires and pressures, including the pressures of the United Nations itself, though some of its representatives lauded the "excellent cooperation" of the Arab states and the Islamic Organization Conference. This led to taking out the terms that condemn Israel openly and point to its ongoing racism against the Palestinians.

The Arabs, and many Muslim countries, have succumbed once again to the so-called "international willpower", thus abandoning cards that condemn their enemies, which did not miss a chance to oppress them and perpetrate crimes against them. This enemy did not miss any political chance to besiege them or deprive them of their elements of power, even while it feels that it can not promote its new rightwing government that includes the most spiteful and racist figures, namely Lieberman who openly called for executing the Arab members of the Knesset and for bombing Aswan Dam and for throwing a nuclear bomb at Gaza.

The Arabs and many Muslim countries succumbed to the new international orders that insisted on removing all the indications that condemn Israel and its massacres and racism behaviors in Palestine and the Gaza Strip. Therefore, Israel achieved all what it desired even though from afar, in light of the boycott of prominent European countries alongside the United States, because Israel is the most present in the heart of the United Nations and the international movement and all drafting committees which are formed based on the interests of the arrogant powers, aside from the Arab and Muslim interests.

It is shameful and embarrassing that the Conference resolutions pointed through an article dedicated for this purpose that the Holocaust should not be forgotten, urging the countries to implement the UN resolutions on the Holocaust. In return, the Holocaust of Palestine in Gaza which took place a few months ago is overlooked, because they want the history that is written by the Jews and promoted by the Zionist and racist propaganda apparatuses.

They wanted to avoid cornering Israel after its heinous racism crimes perpetrated in Gaza, while they wanted the Arabs to succumb to the international arrogant condition which considers that any criticism of the Israeli policy is an anti-Semitic act. Thus, they wanted to conceal Israel's crimes that were perpetrated during the recent months and years, including its massacres in Lebanon and Palestine. This means that the American and European and Zionist hegemony on the Conference, which applied pressures on the United Nations itself, wanted to allow Israel to commit more heinous crimes throughout the Arab and Muslim region, and to pave the way for its extremist government to start preparing for new wars against the Arabs and the Muslims, in accordance with the Fatwas of its rabbis who continuously call for killing the Arabs.

We really fear that the climate that prevailed over the Conference have paved the way for more Israeli open wars against the Palestinians through turning their points of strength into points of weakness for which the freedom-seekers are pursued under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

We also fear that this climate has given a chance for all those who want to abuse Islam, through using the pretext of the freedom of expression to protect themselves, especially since the term of "abusing the religions" was replaced by words expressing regret over the increasing events that spring from violence and religious and ethnic intolerance. This paves the way for attacking Islam and Christianity and their symbols, keeping the Zionist Jews in the framework of international protection and accusing whoever criticizes them of anti-Semitism.

The statement of the French Foreign Minister that the text of the resolutions of the Conference fulfills the desires of the western countries sums up the whole issue, and notes that the western countries that attended were representatives of Israel inside the Conference, and affirms that the withdrawal of these countries during the Iranian president's speech came upon the demands of Israel, and thus, the western administrations in general are still under the control of the Israeli racism and the laws imposed by the global Zionism. Here many questions arise on the independence of these administrations, and it is the responsibility of their peoples to expose their government's political policies which serve the interests of racism and occupation and terrorism that clearly appear in the behaviors of the Zionist entity and its supporters."