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Fadlullah condemned the recent explosions in Iraq

Fadlullah: Condemnations alone are no longer enough; everyone should carry out his role to put an end for these explosions

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, issued a statement to condemn the recent explosions in Iraq. The statement read as follows:

"The suicide operations that kill innocent and safe civilians have become extremely dangerous, particularly the explosions that took place recently in Iraq, where the number of martyrs and wounded of the visiting the shrines of Ahl El-Beit hit 200. Thus, the continued condemnations of what happens in Iraq of criminal suicide explosions and what happens in a few Islamic countries are no more enough.

This reveals the Takfiri and intolerant mentality of a deviant group of this nation, which has reached a very culturally na´ve level, allowing the criminals and spiteful people to manipulate it. This requires from everyone to work hard to curb these groups, whether the Ulamah (religious scholars) who are responsible for lifting off the religious cover of these crimes and rejecting and condemning them, or the society itself which should monitor these groups, or even the responsible officials who should shoulder their responsibilities in preserving the security situation against such attempts.

We stress the need to work hard towards achieving unity among the Muslims in the face of the occupation, whose hegemony over the nation and its policies and security and economy brought about this ailing situation. This occupation is working hard to manipulate the weak points of our reality and its contradictions. We should mobilize the nation to eliminate this occupation, because this is the only way to secure our cohesion in front of the serious repercussions that engulf us at more than one level."