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Fadlullah's communiqué regarding the Western Officials' visits to the region

Sayyed Fadlullah: Are the Arabs infected with the political cancer that drives them to death

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah issued a statement in which he commented on the visits of the Western officials to the region. He said:

We find that all the support offered to Israel on the political level, whether from American or some European personalities that divide the roles among them to seek the affection of Israel that represents one of the great sins that were committed against the entire humanity, especially against the Arabs and Muslims…such support is dangerous. Thus, Europe and Germany might have the right to feel ashamed of their role in the so-called Jewish Holocaust, but they do not have the right to invest that in a total war against the Arabs and Muslims… Besides, the presidential American candidate was more … when he talked, from the heart of the Arab World, about Jerusalem as a capital for this entity, suggesting to the Arab Leaders that they should drop the barriers that have remained on the path that America has drawn for them to recognize Israel and complete the political and security normalization with it, at the expense of the Palestinian cause as well as the nations' cause. He was more hateful when he backed, in a way or another, the eradication and killings against the Palestinians.

The insistence of some Western Administrations to endear Israel to the extent of submitting to it sometimes, considering it (Israel) as the twentieth century miracle and sometimes bowing before it under the pressure of "feeling shame" as well as saying that "the Israeli security is an undisputed issue", as what the German Chancellor "Merkel" said, represents a great European sin that is added to the series of commitments that the Arabs and Muslims always pay the price for. That is because this policy encourages Israel to wage new wars and commit more holocausts against the Palestinians, the Lebanese and others.

The previous experiments proved that Israel kills more Arabs and Muslims, whenever it hears praises from the Western officials who ought to scold Israel for its ongoing breaching of Human rights and its continuing massacres, especially against the Palestinians. Such massacres contradict with the humanitarian values and the international laws that they only talk about when they want to impose something on us.

We feel that these Western visits whose goals were preplanned, aim at strengthening the movement of the Israeli political and security preparations in confronting the resistance forces, especially the Arab and Muslim Resistance. They also aim at restoring the balance to the Israeli reality that was hit by a big deterioration after the July war 2006 and after the last defeats before the Resistance in Gaza. As if the message that is intended to be sent to the Arab and Muslim front reveals that the West has adopted Israel, even if it works on eradicating the peoples of the entire region…

The EU countries must pay attention to that the US uses them as a tail of the American fleet and to make the Atlantic Alliance as the police that follows the American army wherever it goes, or wherever it has problems, and thus making these countries satellites for the neoconservative administration. Besides, this should lead to a change of the way our people should deal with the countries for they should know that the future is for the resistance movements in the Arab and Muslim reality. These countries should also know that their defeats and failure in turning into an independent international power that might pave the way for other forces that can make our peoples feel that they understand the situation in the region more than the arrogant forces and this might be represented by the movement of Russia and China.

In addition, we notice that there is an intimidating and hindering movement led by the American Administration in the region. This intimidatin movement aims at finding a state of balance for Israel and for those who are within the orbit of the American project in the region. It also lies in the fact that America is working days and nights to find divisions and differences inside the nation to prevent its people from communicating on the level of the great issues. Besides, the American efforts meet with the Arab efforts to paralyze the communication of the Jihadi movement in the region against the occupation on all fronts… We believe that a great part of these efforts are spent for the sake of making the Takfiri forces and their movement overcome the noble Resistance forces in a bid to widen the rifts that are intended to prevent the healing of the political and sectarian wounds, in addition to preventing contact between the resistance wings in the nation.

We call on all the Arabs, especially those whom America has used recently in its intimidating or hindering movement, that they have to pay attention to the American and European despise, and that they still have an opportunity to follow the nation's path, especially that they know that time is not in their side and that the reality of the resistance is increasing in their positions...

Consequently, they should reconsider their situation and adopt a new political line that makes them nearer to their peoples' ambitions so that the coming Arab Summit will be a good opportunity for them to get out of the stage of fatigue that the nation was afflicted with and to reach the stage of rising through which the Arab reality might come to a new dawn, although we think that the Arabs were infected with a political cancer that is driving them to death.