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Sayyed Fadlullah criticized the attempts of the President of the Zionist enemy to provoke disagreements between the Sunnis and the Shiites.

Sayyed Fadlullah called Sunni and Shiite scholars to convene a quick meeting to set the nation's priorities for the sake of Islam, not the sects

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, called on the Sunni and Shiite scholars to convene a meeting to set the priorities for the sake of Islam, not the sects. The meeting, Fadlullah added, should adopt a binding mechanism for the governments, particularly at this critical stage through which the Arab and Islamic nation is passing. His Eminence stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran does not pose any threat to its Arab neighbors and should Iran have been representing a threat, we would not have accepted. He also called for rejecting the false Zionist intimidation in this regard and for engaging in a serious and candid dialogue between the Arabs and Iran. His Eminence added that had it not been for the chaos and divisions existing on the Islamic arena, the enemy wouldn't have dared to provoke disagreements between the Sunnis and the Shiites. He also warned that Israel is seriously attempting to inflame strife between the Sunnis and the Shiites and ride the ranks of the majority forces after it rode the ranks of the minorities in the past. His Eminence addressed in a recent statement the attempts of the President of the Zionist enemy Shimon Perez, to provoke disagreements between the Sunnis and the Shiites: Day after day, it becomes clear for everyone that Israel is witnessing an unprecedented state of political and security instability which has never occurred since the establishment of its usurping entity. Israel succeeded in manipulating the positions of the Arabs and luring them into a new trap under the title of the "Interfaith Dialogue" after it had exploited them in Annapolis and deceived them with honeyed words. Once again, it established settlements all over the Palestinian territories and displaced thousands of citizens and destroyed the homes of the Jerusalem people. It is striving to change the demographic reality in the occupied Palestine, alongside its attempt to alter the political and security reality of the entire region. We have noticed how the Arabs who waited for a gift from Israel, even if the gift was mere words and pledges in the Interfaith Dialogue, were disappointed, because Israel has nothing to offer for the Arabs except for more bloodshed and further land confiscation, in line with the new fatwas issued by the Jewish rabbis in the occupied Palestinian lands, who allowed the settlers to kick the Palestinians off their land, kill, and displace them. These fatwas were issued few days prior to the convention of the Interfaith Dialogue in New York under the auspices of the United Nations. However, Israel's schemes go beyond the joy and happiness of the Arabs with the president of the murder Zionist entity, Shimon Perez, or the preliminary normalization through a religious title, because the enemy seeks to provoke strife between the Sunnis and Shiites in the region and rides the ranks of the majority forces after it sought in the past to ride the ranks of the minority forces with which Israel claimed to have common characteristics, namely defending its existence and fate. Sectarianism was continually provoked without being met with any resistance or confrontation. During his meeting with the "Jewish Community in North America", Shimon Perez declared that "one of the reasons driving Israel to sign a peace treaty with the Palestinians and end the occupation is to inform the Sunnis in the Middle East that they are not forced to succumb to Iran or to the extremist Shiites minority". He also spoke about Iran as a frightening state, alleging it maintains colonial aspirations and seeks to rule the Middle East. He wanted to say that the Sunnis can make reconciliation with Israel, while the Shiites cannot because they are extremists. But the religious and field reality refutes his lies, because the Sunni and Shiites religious references are against the usurpation of Palestine and refuse to support the tyrants. Besides, the Sunni and Shiite people have refused to recognize the state of Israel, by supporting the Mujahidin and resistance forces working to liberate Palestine. These people have embraced the resistance movements and defended them with all means within reach. We tell the Arabs, namely those deceived by Israel by claiming it is in the same trench with them against the Iranian threat or by speaking to them about the co-called Iranian aspirations: Beware of falling in this Israeli trap which undermines your religion and the nation's causes and which will engage you in wars with against your people. You will discover that the enemy wagers on sectarian strife and ethnic conflicts that return the Arabs to the pre-Islamic period and make them talk about their brothers as the Jewish talked about the atheists at the outset of the Islamic preaching: "These are better guided in the path than those who believe." This Israeli trap would bring about an Arab and Islamic collapse in the interest of Israel, which has entered a dark political and security circle recently. Regional and international circumstances are no longer on its side, especially after its resounding collapse in Lebanon in July 2006 and the beginning of the countdown of the Neo-conservatives in Washington. We tell the Muslims, namely the scholars who addressed historical and current issues in a sectarian fanatic manner, that the divided reality proposed by your words and positions are enticing for the enemy, which wagers on creating more chasms in the nation through exploiting sectarianism. Furthermore, the enemy's leaders called for banning the publication and the reciting of some Quranic verses that talk about the Jews in public and Islamic forums and in schools and mosques. Their request undermines all Islamic sacred principles and is a candid call to wipe out the Islamic creed for the interest of the racist Talmud Zionist creed."My religious responsibility prompts me to call the scholars from both honorable Sunni and Shiite sects to convene an Islamic meeting as early as possible, to study the Arab and Islamic reality in the framework of a decisive strategy to set the Islamic priorities, aside from sectarian interests, so as to shape a binding mechanism for the governments. While I look forward to convening this meeting due to its huge impact on the nation's reality in this dangerous and critical period, I assert that the Islamic Republic of Iran does not pose any threat to its Arab neighbors, and we do not accept that Iran represents such a threat. Based on what we learn from its leaders and officials, Iran does not intend to pose this threat at all. Therefore, we call for ignoring these false Zionist intimidations and engaging in a serious dialogue with Iran or other countries, for such dialogue is better than talking to the usurper Zionists and more beneficial for the nation, even for those concerned about their positions and throne."