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Fadlullah:  We will not allow them to scorch the county and foment a Sunni-Shiite strife 

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, issued a statement addressing the foreign interferences in the Lebanese situation. The following is the text of the statement: 

As we follow up on the movement of foreign interferences in the Lebanese situation, and the foreign fiddling with many dossiers, and as we observe the Israeli movement and the goals the enemy seeks to attain through its direct and indirect aggressions and meddling with the relations [between Lebanon] and UNIFIL, and given the slow pace of the formation of the government – which results in postponement of addressing the vital domestic issues, namely those pertaining to the people’s lives – we become aware of a sinister conspiracy, through which some international sides and others seek to manipulate in order to provoke new crises and create circumstances that foment internal strife. They also endeavor to stir up a sectarian feud, sometimes through using the title of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, and sometimes by using other titles to bargain on certain political dossiers, assuming that fiddling with strife empowers them to dictate their conditions on this domestic side or this country, within the framework of the game of nations, which they want this small country Lebanon to shoulder its costly prices as it did in the past. The Lebanese are intended to serve as fuels and wood for this feud so that the country is dragged in the maze of a devastating sedition.

We have always blamed the domestic parties for being too involved in domestic political disagreements, but we used to repeat: Disagreements differ from sedition. We were and are still viewing incessant attempts to monitor the ability of the resistance to break the cycle of these pressures, or its ability to deal with some planned and calculated signs and messages coming from here and there. But we can see the general lines of a major conspiracy weaved by hostile sides that pushed this conspiracy to the forefront gradually through its tools. These sides have also pointed leveled accusation at known and calculated times.

From our religious position and through our monitoring of these attempts and their doers, warn whoever wants to fiddle with our domestic front, and whoever seeks to foment Sunni-Shiite strife. We assure that we will not allow anyone to do so, even if these sides were hidden under international titles or if they tried to infiltrate via international judicial sites or others. We call on the wise people in Lebanon and the region to prosecute, expose, and divulge these sides, before they achieve their goals and translate the objectives of the enemy, namely in provoking an internal strife after [the enemy] failed to make it succumb by direct war. We tell everyone: “And fear an affliction which may not smite those of you in particular who are unjust; and know that Allah is severe in requiting (evil)” –Al-Anfal, 25]