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Fadlullah calls on the Muslim and Christian Worlds to deal decisively with the Jewish offense against Jesus Christ (a.s.) and Virgin Mary (a.s.)

The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah issued a communiqué in which he condemned the latest offense against the enemy's television to Virgin Mary (a.s.) and Jesus Christ (a.s.). He said:

Experiments, the latest of which was the horrible offense made by the Jews in occupied Palestine, through channel Ten of the Enemy's television, have confirmed that the Western Administrations are still under the universal hegemony of Jews and International Zionism, to the extent that Western citizens are deprived of their freedom of expression, even in the discussions related to history, politics and culture.

Not less dangerous is the Western yielding to the Jewish logic that is wanted to impose itself on the Christian and Islamic logic. The Jewish myth and the Zionist legend are supposed to control the religious and political course, away from any historical or scientific logic as well as the decisive religious facts.  

It should be noted that the freedom of speech in the Western media and politics is violated under the pretense of Anti-Semitism, which restricts any political criticism for Israel, Zionists, and the Jews who follow their line. It is also even more note-worthy that the offenses against Virgin Mary (a.s.) and Prophet Issa (a.s.) with such horrible accusations were not met by any decisive stand from the Vatican, although the offense was made by the official Zionist television, without any movement by the first Catholic position that is supposed to be concerned with the defense of Jesus Christ and his mother (a.s.), not even by threatening not to go on with the visit the Pope is scheduled to make to occupied Palestine, and which is meant to consecrate occupation and recognize its legitimacy.

In this respect, it is even more astonishing that no reaction was made by the local religious authorities who are supposed to be responsible before all others to confront this offense which is meant to establish a dangerous project that targets Allah's Prophets including Jesus Christ (a.s.) by those who constituted a fanatic Jewish band that belongs to those who made corruption on earth and killed prophets and good believers.

Jesus Christ and his mother Lady Mary (a.s.) represent a big Islamic value in addition to their Christian value. Therefore, we consider this offense to be offending both Christianity and Islam, which calls on the Muslim and Christian worlds to act in a concerted way to confront it.

We also call on Muslims Sunnis and Shiites on the political and informational level, with a response that is no less firm than the one against the drawings that offended Prophet Muhammad, and the film "Finta" by the fanatic Dutch MP.

We also call on the United Nations that have previously emphasized that it refuses any offense against heavenly religions to move to punish these hateful criminals who plan to fill the world with their myths, legends and fabricated historical stories, as well as their continuous refusal to discuss the "Holocaust" in a scientific and objective way.