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Sayyed Fadlullah's statement regarding the recent American attempts to impose its tutelage upon the Arab peoples and armies.


Sayyed Fadlullah warned against the American tutelage upon the Arab armies    

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah issued a statement in which he commented on the recent American attempts to impose its tutelage upon the Arab peoples and armies under the titles of pacification and reconciliation, after the Bush Administration failed to achieve that through wars. His Eminence said:

Our peoples and effective powers in the region should be aware of what the American Administration seeks to achieve in the remaining months of its term. It is trying to suggest to the resistant positions in the region that they have only two choices: the first choice is the escalation that leads to war, although we all know how the wars were waged in the region to enable America to take hold of the oil resources and strategic positions, and not for ending dictatorships or reviving democracies. The second choice is pacification through which America wants to make some compromises that force others to recognize its interests as well as the Israeli interests at the expense of the interests of our peoples who have paid in the recent years from the blood of their youths, elderly, women and children, and have suffered as no other people have suffered before.

For that reason, we warn all the Arab states, governments and peoples from responding to what America seeks to achieve nowadays under the title of creating the peace it has failed to create through wars. In this respect, we see that there is no legitimacy for any government or authority that works on paving the way for the current American Administration to attain a political victory over the ruins of the American losing wars that had only created more economic, political and constructional destruction whose results and negative impacts have exceeded the region.

Accordingly, we warn the Iraqis in particular form yielding to the American seductions or threats for concluding an agreement with the Americans since such an agreement would enable the Americans to prolong their occupation of Iraq under new political titles that would enable them to influence the political and economic decisions of the Iraqi state through the military and security bases that the Americans are trying to legitimize through the agreements that undermine the Iraqi sovereignty to preserve the American hegemony.

Despite the complicated situation in Iraq, that American occupation created, we consider that solving the political problem might be the only realistic approach to a stable and independent Iraq in which all the Iraqi parties would attain their rights and respect their commitments and obligations. Besides, the political problem could not be solved except after the American occupation forces as well as their military allies leave Iraq. For that reason, the official Iraqi authorities must play their natural role in calling upon the Americans to leave Iraq without any preconditions. Moreover, if the Americans are talking about training the Iraqi army, we wonder why the Arab and Muslim countries do not present for the Iraqi army the required training expertise in order not to need the American services and to establish an Iraqi army that does not hold in its military, security or doctrinal roots any loyalty to the occupier.

At a time we call the Iraqi authorities to reach a united position that says to the Americans: you and the multinational forces have no choice other than getting out of Iraq, we want Iraq's neighbors to contribute in achieving this goal that would return Iraq to its natural position towards the Arab and Islamic security and to preserve its unity, stability and sovereignty and protect its natural wealthes as well as to prevent others from stealing it.

We also call on the Arab and Islamic countries not to respond to the security and military demands which the American Administration seeks to achieve through influencing the Arab armies, imposing the tutelage on it and interfering in its ideological and political as well as security issues. That is because we know that America that failed through the direct intervention of its armies, is trying to achieve its goals through using the Arab and Islamic armed forces. Hence, that is not only considered a betrayal, but it also leads to destroying the entire security and undermines the positions that everyone relies on in preserving what could be preserved following what the Americans, through their chaos, had undermined in our countries, peoples, factions and sects…

We refuse the American tutelage as well as other tutelages and we consider that there is no legitimacy for any authority that tries to give a legitimate character to this tutelage or that. Therefore, the peoples should start to establish their security through their own forces or through benefiting from the other Arab and Islamic capabilities regardless of anything that might influence their decisions.