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International Declaration of Human Rights ,violations of

The International Declaration of Human Rights has merely become a slogan and an international banner to kill ten thousands of people.
Fadlullah is surprised at the silence of the Arabs and the world on Livni's call to displace and expel the Palestinians

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, said that the "International Declaration of Human Rights" has become an ostensible slogan and an international banner to kill tens of thousands of people and displace and expel others of their homelands, namely in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The Sayyed noted that principles and rights cannot survive without power, calling on the nation to prepare its active forces to build its internal power in a world that only respects the strong powers.

Sayyed Fudlallah said that the forces of hegemony, arrogance, and international brutality, on the top of which is the United States, are violating human rights in the first place. These countries prevented the accusation and prosecution of Israel for its crimes and ongoing infringements of human rights, ever since the Deir Yassine, Kfar Qassim, Sabra and Shatila, Jenine, and Qana massacres. The Sayyed expressed surprise at the silence of the Arabs and the world on the statement of Israeli Foreign Minister [Tsipi Livni] which was concurrent with the 60th anniversary of the International Declaration of Human Rights, in which Livni had overtly called for the expulsion of the Palestinians.

His Eminence released a statement on the Islamic position vis-à-vis the International Declaration of Human Rights. The following is the text of the statement:

A few days ago, the 6oth anniversary of the International Declaration of Human Rights has passed unnoticed, with the exception of a number of seminars and speeches highlighting the importance of this declaration, and others that reviewed the international failure in putting an end to the increasing infringements to human rights in the world in general, and the Arab and Islamic world in particular.

It might be useful to stress that Islam regards human rights as one of the major and haughty goals of its message, as it strived to protect and preserve these rights by legislations and integrated them into its ideological and legislative system. Moreover, Islam has endeavored to safeguard these rights ever since the first Islamic field experience in Al-Madina has started, regardless of the identity of the target group of these human rights, because Islam wants the entire mankind to live up to the right to peace, freedom of expression, and the nations' right to determine their destiny among others, seeing that religion came to the service of man, not vice versa.

We believe that the main principles and general guidelines sanctioned by the International Declaration of Human Rights are consistent with the Islamic principles, particularly since some of these principles and guidelines are deep-rooted in Islam, which stressed that people are born free and equals in dignity and rights, and that each person has the right to enjoy all freedoms and rights stipulated by the declaration without discrimination in terms of race, color, gender, language or others.

But we notice that ever since this declaration has been ratified by the UN General Assembly on December, 10, 1948, many infringements to human rights have been recorded by the countries that strongly pushed forward this declaration. These countries are committing heinous crimes under the guise of this declaration, and using its principles and resolutions as commodities bought and sold in the international market of politics. In parallel to that, the superpowers manipulated the United Nations itself to pass their projects and achieve their goals.

It might be noteworthy that the Zionist entity, which announced its birth seven months prior to the [announcement] of the International Declaration of Human Rights, and which is the biggest international sin and a catastrophe that befell the human rights, was established and is still placed under an international umbrella, to the extent that the United Nations was prohibited from investigating the huge crimes committed by this entity, ever since the two massacres of Deir Yassine and Kfar Qassim, to Sabra and Shatila and Qana. Everyone knows that this entity prevented the United Nations from conducting a transparent investigation into the Jenine massacre, just as the United States resisted the UN and prevented it from hurling direct charges at the current president of the enemy (Shimon Perez) who is responsible for the Qana massacre. Afterwards, the United States attempted to punish the UN General Secretary ,Boutros Gali, and prevented a renewal for his term, only because he dared to accuse Israel of purposefully perpetrating cold-blooded murders.

We believe that the International Declaration of Human Rights has become a nominal headline, the principles and articles of which are falling down like autumn leaves, under the pressures of the Israeli and American war machine, especially since the balance is tipped in favor of the forces of hegemony and international brutality represented by the United States which support the forces of occupation and usurpation.

The enemy's foreign minister announced that a national solution for the Palestinian people is found elsewhere, outside the border of the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948. Nevertheless, her call to expel and displace the Palestinians synchronized with the 60th anniversary of the International Declaration of Human Rights. To our surprise, neither an international nor an Arab official responded to her call, at the same time , we hear Arab voices attacking Iran and the forces of resistance and rejection, and wooing Israel in a way or another.

While we feel that the International Declaration of Human Rights and other international and humanitarian principles sanctioned on the rights of nations, namely the right to determine the destiny, have merely become international slogans to kill tens of thousands of people and displace groups and expel nations in Palestine and Iraq and Afghanistan – we believe that the principles and humanitarian concepts cannot survive without power to safeguard these principles and concepts. Therefore, we call on our people and active and opposition forces to continue building their internal power and immunity in a world that only respects the strong, and amid an international jungle that shelters the criminals and secures their safety in and outside the United Nations and on the sideline of its legislations, systems, and resolutions.