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Fadlullah: No way out except through Unity and Dialogue

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, issued a communiqué in which he denounced the savage suicidal bombing that targeted the funeral of the Shiite leader, Sher Zeman in the town of Dera Ismail Khan, North West of Pakistan, killing over 32 Muslim Shiites and wounding 65 others. He said:

For the second time within one month, the hand of crime and savagery spills more blood of the Shiite innocent people in Pakistan by means of a suicidal attack committed by backward ignorant groups that accuse the Shiites of unbelief, as well as the Sunnis who do not agree with them. Such acts unveil a mentality that does not understand the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet(p.) and that does not respect the supreme Muslim interests that oblige Muslims in all the world, especially in Pakistan and Afghanistan, to unify in the face of the Atlantic forces, led by the United States of America, and that kills innocent women, children and elderly, and appropriates their freedom, wealth, and strategic positions to dominate over the region that surrounds Afghanistan and Pakistan to secure the Western interests in all of Asia.

We denounce this barbaric crime that weakens, along with similar crimes, the Islamic reality in several Muslim regions, and that are committed by those backward people who fight Allah and His Messenger (p), spread corruption in the earth, and violate the Messenger's appeal: Never go back to being unbelievers, smiting each other's necks, and also that the blood, money, and honor of every Muslim is haram on all Muslims. We call on the religious scholars and officials in the Islamic world to be wary of the arrogant plan that seeks to reproduce strife in the Muslim World that were put out by the unifying activities of the awaring religious scholars and the resistance movements that unified their struggle against the arrogant.

We say to all: Islam is passing through the most difficult state in its history marked by the international arrogance usurption of most of the Muslims wealth, its occupation of some Muslims and countries and its encouragement of Israel to commit crimes against Palestinians.

We can not confront this danger except by Muslim unity, holding fast to the rope of Allah, and adopting dialogue in the theological and jurisprudence differences, and referring them to Allah and His Messenger (p.), by going back to the Book and Sunnah, the two pillars of Islam that all Muslims recognize.

O God, have I conveyed. O God bear me witness.