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Sayyed Fadlullah warns France not to be dragged into the US project

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, warned France–Sarkozi from being dragged into the US project in the region, because being plunged into the heart of the problems of the region represents a danger on France's future relationships and interests in the region.

Pointing out to the France's plan to establish military bases in the Gulf region and Morocco, His Eminence called such an action as a new method of occupation that aimed at controlling the strategic oil resources and utilizing them as leverage for pressure against our countries.

He criticized the Arab and Muslim countries for not mastering military and other kinds of technology and for signing several arms deals that overburden them. He also blamed the rich Arab countries for refraining from extending aid to the Arab and Muslims countries that are subjected to the conditions of the International Bank through loans and debts imposed on them.

His Eminence issued a statement in which he criticized France's and America's plans to establish new military bases in the region and signing several arms deals that serves the interests of the arrogant countries, and blamed the Arab countries for not mastering military and other kinds of technology. He said:

The scene of the Arab submission before the attack that is targeting the entire Arab and Islamic world, is a shameful scene because it represents an image of an Arab reality that is submissive to the American Administration and those within its orbit.

We feel the danger of two recent developments in our countries; the first is related to establishing new foreign military bases whether in the Gulf region or in Morocco in which such an action represents a new occupation. The second is related to signing several arms deals with America and other countries, knowing that such arms are neither used in the so-called "Common Arab Defense", nor related to the struggle with Israel, but they aim at boosting the sales of the American, British, French or other weapons, as well as protecting the economies of these countries at the expense of our economies, in addition to waving with these weapons against a delusive Islamic enemy.

We notice that the Arab countries, whose wealth lies in oil, were not able to master military and other kinds of technology, while Israel and Iran was also able to do so. On the contrary, these oil-Arab countries have paved the way for the arrogant countries, headed by America, to subject their countries and oblige them to sign several arms deals that overburden them, and may allow some "personalities" to benefit from these deals to increase their wealth. The Arabs have also found new jobs for the foreign workers, while unemployment has prevailed in our countries, at a time the arms deals and oil revenues are invested in the American banks or in the American economy that is controlled by the Jews and used for supporting the enemy's economy. In addition, these rich Arab countries refrained from helping the poor Arab and Muslim countries or saving them from the conditions imposed on them by the International Bank that benefits from the Arab money.

We see in the escalated attack against our countries, peoples, and wealth, a great danger that has resulted from the internal incitements which made most of our Arab countries abstain from resisting the new colonizer and open their doors to the extent that France-Sarkozi was able to enter, through the American margin given to it, as a partner in the game at a moment Britain started to review its polices with Uncle Sam.

What mostly draws the attention is that there are always those who find a foothold in our countries under the pretext of protecting oil and the sea routes, while the main aim is firstly to steel this oil, then to pressurize the countries that are preparing to play a leading role in the world, amidst a fatal Arab and Islamic drawback.

We consider that the new military bases that will be established in new positions in our countries, whether in the Gulf region or in Morocco, at a time the reports indicate that these position were chosen by American intelligence, represent a great danger to the nation because it is a new method of occupation that seeks to confiscate the nation's wealth and decisions through settling in the nation's strategic positions and suggesting for everybody that the Arab oil is not for the Arabs. Thus, the issue is not only taking hold of the companies or controlling prices, but also controlling the oil that was once one of our weapons, and using it as a weapon against he entire nation.

We warn France that the US administration that wants to use it as a tool for its project by pushing it into the heart of the problems of the region, that this represents a danger for France's future relationships in the region.

We call on the French officials to halt the "dramatic" changes in France's Middle East policy since President Nicolas Sarkozi came to power.