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Sayyed Fadlullah denounces the explosions that targeted the innocent people in Iraq

His Eminence, the Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, issued a statement in which he denounced the explosions that targeted the innocent and the civilians in the Iraqi capital. Following is the text of the statement:

The incidents taking place in Iraq, nowadays, are mobile crimes that are drawn in certain American, Israeli, and even Arab black chambers and that are executed by a group of vicious monsters and murderers who have nothing to do with Islam, or patriotism, or Arabism, even if they claim to be so or try to hide behind this title or the other… This crime is far more dangerous than some people might think and way larger than spilling the blood of the innocent and oppressed Iraqi workers and poor people. The actual aim is to not only to destroy Iraq, but rather the entire neighboring region, so that the American occupation would accomplish, through these criminals and savages, what it could not accomplish on the ground.

He added: we feel that there is a plot in which each party is taking a concerted role that aims at turning Iraq into an arena filled with blood and a state of continuous instability, so that the spark of sedition would be transferred to more than one location. In this way, Iraq would become a bridge over which the bloody sedition would pass to reach neighboring Arab and Islamic regions that the occupation failed to reach and force to join its political and security project that had suffered from major setbacks. Therefore, the occupation is trying to restore its primary momentum by spilling rivers of innocent blood, knowing that the American President has declared, a few days ago, that the hazardous rounds of violence in Iraq will continue.

The perpetrators of these horrible savage acts cannot claim to belong to the resistance, since he who works on endangering the security of the unarmed civilians and citizens, cannot claim to be concerned for Iraq and its people and working for the sake of establishing an independent, unified, free Iraq. The truth is that they belong to external axes and spiteful and fanatic positions that seek to keep Iraq in the circle of security instability, so that they would pretend to have accomplished something.

Faced by these savage murderous operations, in which tons of explosives are used, we wonder why several political and religious leaders, at the level of the Arab world, as well as inside and outside Iraq, remain silent and why these criminals are not exposed and why the national and Islamic cover is not removed to enlist them in the category of savageness and brutality that are obviously the characteristics of the occupation, the nation's enemies, as well as the circles of fanaticism, Takfir, and sedition, even if they hide behind the titles of patriotism, Arabism, and so on.

As we call on the Sunni and Shiite religious scholars to denounce these crimes, and disavow these murderers from the rostrums of the mosques, especially during the Friday prayers, and from the entire political and media platforms, we also call on the Iraqi people of all sects, confessions, and political orientations to disavow these criminals and call on everyone to abandon, persecute, and expose them and bring them to justice to punish them for the hideous crimes they have committed against Iraq and the entire nation.

We also call on the Iraqis, especially upon the advent of this Holy month, to freeze all their sectarian, confessional, and political differences and sensitivities…etc. to unite and solidify in the line of national and Islamic unity. Moreover, we call on them to defend their country's wealth and their generations' future, kick those who call for sedition out of their ranks, cooperate with the government to preserve the general order, and strive to expel the occupier, once and for all; the occupier that was and still is the main reason behind the sufferings, miseries, and difficulties that Iraq is going through.