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Fadlullah denounces the massacre against the visitors of Imam Hussein (a.s.)

Sayyed Fadlullah's communiqué regarding the massacre against the visitors of Imam Hussein 

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, issued a communiqué in which he commented on the massacre that targeted the visitors of Imam Hussein in Karbala. He said:

Iraq continues to face one massacre after another committed by hateful Takfiri groups who target innocent civilians whose only guilt is that they are of a different sect or carry different political views. Killing people has become a juristic "Islamic" line that is based on a profound ignorance of Islam and on the backwardness and ill conscience of the groups.

They even attack those who perform prayers in the mosques, those who visit Holy shrines, or those who are buying their personal needs in the marketplaces.

Some might talk in the Media that these barbarian practices are being encouraged by some Arab parties who send these extremists to commit their ugly crimes in Iraq, especially that the Arabs are not concerned with the security of Iraq, being controlled by the Americans who prevent them from talking negatively about the occupation. Thus, they focus their criticism to some of the neighbouring states.

We condemn this barbaric massacre that was committed by those who hate Islam and Muslims in the Holy city of Karbala that embraces the body of Imam Hussein, his family and companions, and we are afraid that it will be faced by a counter reaction that could turn to a sectarian strife. We call our people in Iraq not to do that.

At the same time, we refuse the notion that these butchers are fighting the innocent Iraqi people and they have, through their brutal behaviour, distorted the image of national resistance. We call on the wounded Iraqi people to control their reaction to prevent the enemy from succeeding in stirring sectarian strife and ultimately civil war. We call on them to exercise patience and to continue to preserve their national and Muslim unity.

On another level, we are surprised by the silence of Islamic leaders, especially the unitary ones, and their hesitation to condemn or comment on these massacres that are not only characterized by a hateful Takfiri motivation, but they also represent a crime against Islam and its universal values and concepts. We have been waiting, and we still are, for these condemning Islamic stands, especially by those who are concerned with the unity of Muslims, and the unity of Iraqis in their confrontation of the invaders and occupation. Those Takifiri hateful groups that have been killing scores of innocent Muslims and others, instead of fighting the occupier who frankly says that it wants to stay in Iraq for many years

Is kicking the occupier out of Iraq achieved by killing more Iraqi innocent civilians and worshippers who are visiting the Holy shrines in Karbala and in other cities?

Iraq is the big Islamic front that needs the joint efforts of the entire Muslim world to solve its problem and save it from the American chaos, and ultimately liberating it from the vicious and malicious occupation.