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Fadlullah warned of a new roadmap that would lead the Palestinian cause to the unknown

Sayyed Fadlullah: "Any Arab cover for a new Israeli adventure will backfire in the Arab states."

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, raised fears that some Western administrations have decided to use the Arabs as a weapon to defend Israel, after Israel had fought and failed in 2006. The Sayyed warned of a new Israeli hostile adventure and of any cover provided for this adventure because it will backfire inside the Arab states.


His Eminence, the Sayyed, cautioned that the Security Council, which has historically planned to undermine the Palestinian cause, is going to be the new place for issuing resolutions to restrain the resistance and target the Palestinians and their cause, pointing to efforts aimed at normalizing relationships with the enemy, inciting an intra-Palestinian strife, and creating a new roadmap to lead the Palestinian cause to the unknown.

His Eminence commented on the new US draft resolution which highlights the continuation of negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli enemy in consistency with the Annapolis principles. The Sayyed said that this draft resolution comes within the context of the new-old American game, through which the administration of the Neoconservatives tend to imply that it laid the foundations for the coming Democratic administration to carry on with negotiations on the basis of addressing the Palestinian cause as a prelude to approach other regional issues.

 The Palestinian cause embarrasses the Western international sides and casts its shadow on many Arab states who are looking forward to closing the Palestinian dossier once and for all and opening the Iranian dossier instead by talking about Iran's ambitions that worry these regimes, according to the US secretary of state who spoke on behalf of the Arab moderate front in the recent meeting in New York.

 The Sayyed said: We are looking with much fear and anxiety at the threats engulfing the coming period, especially since the Western administrations that are under the American influence and those concerned about Israel, have decided to use the Arabs as a weapon, or even make them  lead the battle to defend Israel who led an unsuccessful battle against Lebanon and the resistance in 2006.

While we do not rule out a new adventure by the Zionist entity driven by its infamous military arrogance, we caution that any Arab cover for this adventure will backfire inside the Arab states, more so now that the confessional game aimed at ensuring Israel's security is collapsing in light of this resounding Arab fall down under the American pressures. These pressures were applied to achieve cooperation between the Arabs and the Israeli enemy, so as to open the way for comprehensive normalization as a prelude to finish off the Palestinian cause under the guise of reproducing the peace process.

We warn that the Security Council, which has historically planned to undermine the Palestinian cause, is going to be the new place to issue more resolutions to restrain the resistance and pave the way for new conspiracies against the Palestinians and their cause. We are witnessing a growing international effort to normalize relations between the Arabs and Israel. Parallel to that, much effort is extended to incite an intra-Palestinian strife, thus developing internal impotence and surrender under the slogans of maintaining the peace process plotted in Annapolis.

In light of our fears that the coming period will introduce a new road map that will lead the Palestinian cause to the unknown, we call on the Arabs to regain their balance a little bit and warn them against clinging to a crumbling American administration, disowning their central cause, and giving a green light for a new Israeli adventure. The future will not pursue the route of the tyrants and history will prosecute the colluders after being prosecuted by their people and vigorous forces who will gradually take over.