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Fadlullah calls on Arabs to be extremists in preserving their rights

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, issued a statement addressing the results of the Israeli elections. The following is the text of the statement:

The recent Israeli elections have revealed many facts, which people inside and outside the Arab World continued to deny, namely, that the Jewish society in occupied Palestine is a war society that does not seek the peace, which the Arabs speak about. However, this society looks at peace with suspicion and rejection and is ready to support extremist sides or those calling for disposing the Palestinians by transferring them or expelling them from the 1948 occupied areas, and besieging them in the West Bank through suppression and colonization prior to expelling them from the rest of Palestine, and removing the Palestinian issue from the framework of political discussion, which the international community and certain Arab axes are consuming dangerously in order to exhaust the Palestinians and end their cause.

The enemy's society is one of the most hostile societies in the world. The recent elections revealed the Jewish occupiers' enthusiasm to elect figures who violently hate the Arabs and the Palestinians.  Also, they showed that this society is thirsty for more Arab blood and that the Zionist dictionary does not contain the word "peace", even though the political authority use this word to keep the Arabs busy with fake political promises and to make field changes, which point out that the occupation intends to separate the northern part of the West Bank from its southern part by new settlements on which many have wagered following the Oslo Agreement.

Time has come for the Arabs and Muslims to realize that Israel can offer nothing but more war, destruction, displacement, and exclusion. Its strategy can only bring about further hostility and more scorched, plundered, and annexed land. Thus, the Arabs must view the present and the future differently and set the basis for a real confrontation strategy founded on the intrinsic power of the Arab people. The war on Gaza - despite its atrocity and violence- has produced a great Palestinian people who surprised the world with their steadfastness and firmness. They offered the nation live examples of their offspring and children who enjoy firmness and leadership.

The Arabs and Muslims must deeply study the culture of the Zionist society in order to know the structural bases of this culture since past and current experiences have proven that sadism and blood thirstiness that are embedded in it - are a basic part of its structure and not a recent character in the Jews who use the method of expressing fear for their fate and future in order to justify their continuous crimes and wage wars, on which the rightwing and the leftwing in this entity do not differ, but run head to head to occupy official political posts through their spilling of the Palestinian and Arab blood. Every Israeli Government now has its war, which it presents to the Israelis as proof of its devotion to the Zionist custom in spilling Arab blood and enjoying a deterrent power in the region.

At the same time, what also calls for sorrow and regret is that as the Jews in Palestine become more extremist, the Arabs, in terms of the regimes and states, become meek, and, as Israel raises the ceiling of its conditions, the Arabs give up more conditions. However, those raising the white flag and the slogan of moderation can save their faces face by waving the flag of those who they call extremists among them or in the Arab and Islamic World in general.  

In view of the open war with which Israel threatens, and which proves to be a real option according to the recent Zionist elections, I call on the Arabs and Muslims to build a real confrontation strategy, give up their weak moderation, and be extremists in defending their rights, for moderation has only led them to weakness that emboldened the Jews against them. But if the Arabs - or some of them - are thinking of extremism to face their people or Iran and some states that they set as a target instead of Israel, they are thus making it easier for Israel to go for the war [option]. We believe that the moderate Arabs will not be safe from the destructive results of this war, as the time of local wars has gone and the region now is open to broader options as to confrontation.

As for those who are wagering on a different US role, they should know that the matter concerns Israel and that the United States will always be ready to stand by the Israeli occupation. For that reason, these moderates must come out of the illusion of peace to the open space of the bitter reality, which says that Israel is not only against peace, but also against peaceful coexistence with those that it considers insects and snakes. Therefore, the Arabs must decide: Will they bite, or will they receive deadly and fatal stings from the US and Israeli hole.