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Fadlullah: Any attack against Iran is an attack on the entire nation

His Eminence, the Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, said that the most dangerous threat to international peace is represented by the American Administration being at the disposal of the Zionist entity, with the collaboration of some European administrations that support "Israel", although it represents an unprecedented model of savage oppression throughout history.

He called on the free people in the region to deliver a decisive message which warns that any attack on Iran or any other Arab or Islamic state will not be regarded as an aggression on a specific geographical area, but rather as an aggression on the entire nation. He also considered that the main target is not Iran in itself, but rather it is circumventing movement towards scientific progress and self-independence, for they actually aim at keeping the region dependant on international arrogance.

His Eminence issued a statement on the recent Israeli and American threats on Iran and the region.


Following is the text of the statement:


The American Administration is mobilizing all its political and diplomatic potentials and releasing more and more security threats and intimidations against the entire Arab and Islamic regions, in an attempt to pose the Islamic Republic of Iran as a scarecrow in the face of the region's states and peoples.

At a time we notice that the circle of international conspiracy is widening as new international states are enlisted in the category of those who are against Iran and the forces of opposition and liberation, we feel that Iran does not only represent itself anymore, for the main target is not only Iran, but rather any progress and independence in the region. Therefore, the entire region's states and leaders, especially those seeking a real independence, ought to realize that colluding or providing a chance for the defeat of Iran in any possible confrontation actually represents the collapse of one of the region's positions of strength. As a result, the entire region would fall into the lap of western arrogance; thus, keeping it [the nation] dependant on the arrogant axis for decades to come or even for an entire new century, which eventually puts an end to its people's ambitions and makes them enter into the phase of permanent occupation.

It has become clear from the way several major states are handling the Iranian peaceful nuclear dossier that the initial plan, set by several international circles that only take into consideration their interests and those of the Zionist entity, was to circumvent any real scientific progress in any Islamic state, especially those that support the issues of the downtrodden in the face of the greeds and domination of the arrogant people.

As the threats to attack Iran continue to surface, we emphasize that the message of the free people in the region, in particular, delivered to whoever considers using force against any Arab or Islamic state, be it Iran or any other state, should be conclusive and decisive and rejects the American Israeli policy. This would be a confirmation that their aggression is not restricted to attacking a specific geographical area, or violating the security of one of the Arab and Islamic states, but rather it would be an aggression on the entire region, which becomes concerned, wholly, in responding so as to preserve its security and the course and future of its generations. Moreover, as the arrogant people are considering imposing sanctions, the nation, too, ought to embark on confronting them by means of counter-sanctions that fall within its potentials and possibilities.

We say to the western administrations: The most dangerous threat to international peace is represented by the American Administration being at the disposal of an entity that is a usurper and an occupier, which is the Zionist entity that is incomparable when it comes to violating international laws. Actually, what imposes more threats is the lining of some European administrations with the American Administration in its threats and adventures, and the absence of any kind of justice, as few states regard Israel as a miracle; at a time the entire world is aware that it is actually an unprecedented model of oppression and brutality in modern history.