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Fadlullah warned from the gravity of the American stands against Iran and the Islamic world

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, called on the Islamic leadership in Iran not to succumb to the American extortion when they negotiate with the Americans, noting that the deadline set by the Americans to negotiate with Iran is actually set by Israel and will be conducted according to an Israeli agenda previously determined by certain Israeli officials. He also called on the Iranian people and the Muslim nation to support Iran, for once the arrogant axes succeed in blackmailing Iran, this would lead to multiplying the pressures on the shoulders of the nation at all its vital positions.

His Eminence issued a statement on the recent American threats against Iran. Following is the text of the statement:

The American insistence on provoking Iran and dealing with it in accordance with the imperial hegemony mentality concerning the nuclear dossier could in no way benefit the international calls for a diplomatic solution for the nuclear dossier. Moreover, it would not even serve the American interests, if the democratic American Administration is actually considering new methods to deal with the Islamic world.

Therefore, the issue does not concern Iran only, but rather it has to do with the nation's strength, dignity, and unity for the sake of its critical issues, for once the arrogant axes succeed in their blackmail and threats, this would multiply the pressures and threats on the nation against the positions of dignity in the entire nation.

We are aware that the one driving the Americans to resort to an arrogant rhetoric when it comes to the issue of negotiation and dialogue with Iran, and to set a deadline for that is Israel whose officials said a few months ago that it is necessary for America to set a deadline that is no later than the end of the current year concerning negotiations with Iran on its peaceful nuclear dossier. Then, a few days ago, Obama's Press Secretary declared the indirect commitment to this appointed time.

Once again, America has succumbed to the enemy's entity which was exemplified in the joint maneuvers that took place recently, and in how the NATO was driven to abide by rules previously set by the enemy concerning cooperation on this file, and in the aggravating threatening American rhetoric against the Islamic world, including the threats that Obama has issued recently against Iran during his Asian tour. This reveals that the Democratic Administration has returned to the old American policies of giving the enemy's interests a priority over the American interests themselves, under the title of reassuring Israel and convincing it gradually to join the political process.

We believe that this American succumbing to Israel will lead to dangerous repercussions on the Arab and Islamic region, and will pave the way for new tensions that would lead, once again, to violence in several locations. Moreover, the new strategy of the American president concerning Afghanistan and Pakistan will have devastating security repercussions, and eventually, it would not serve the American interests; however, it would reveal the new administration's further involvement and how it has taken the steps of the previous administration concerning enmity to Muslims.

Therefore, we call on the Islamic leadership in Iran to take firm and conclusive stands that serve the nation's interests and enhance its elements and factors of strength; thus, they ought not to succumb to the American terms during the negotiations and dialogue, especially that no one is able to present an evidence that proves that Iran seeks nuclear armament through its nuclear dossier.

We call on the Iranian people of all categories and parties to solidify and unite behind their leaders, so as to send a conclusive message to the international axes that reveals how firm and cohesive the Iranian stand is and to confirm that what is related to national and Islamic pride is nonnegotiable.

Moreover, we call on the opposition forces in the nation to support Iran in this position, for the issue is not only related to the strength of Iran but also the strength of the nation and its unity for the sake of its issues, for once the arrogant axes succeed in their blackmail and threats, this would multiply the pressures and threats on the nation against the positions of dignity in the entire nation.