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Fadlullah: The recent American steps determined the new compass of the American Administration. It will move from the stage of applying pressures to the stage of directly targeting our nations

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, said that the region has entered a new phase after the recent events in Iran, stressing that the American Administration interfered in these events by making many hints to influence the domestic situation in Iran.

He said that the address of President Obama in Turkey or Egypt is now behind our backs, and that the recent American practical steps have begun to determine the approach of this Administration in addressing our issues. He expected the United States to move from the stage of putting pressures to the stage of direct targeting, calling on the Arab and Muslim people to end the state of passiveness and immobility which the Arab and western media attempt to consecrate.

The Sayyed gave a statement on the recent American approaches vis-à-vis Iran and the region. The following is the text of the statement:

It transpires that the American Administration – which deceived the Arabs and Muslims by promising them to pursue a different path in dealing with their issues and causes – has started to expose its real face gradually. The features of its new policy have appeared in many dossiers, not only at the Palestinian level and the Authority's absolute collusion with the enemy’s government with respect to the two-state solution, an issue that has been completely devoid of any serious framework and become mere words, but also at other levels, where the American Administration involved itself in a bid to further complicate the situation and foment chaos and mayhem.

The recent developments in Iran after the elections have clearly shown that the American Administration involved itself in these events, by its continuous attempts to nurture these events and provoke further chaos through its direct and indirect means, not to mention some pre-planned schemes which proved unquestionably that the United States was not backing freedoms in Iran or a specific party by itself. Rather, it sought to create a deep chasm inside the Islamic Republic, one that would emanate dramatic domestic developments to turn the situation upside down.

The events have revealed that there were some in the American Administration who wagered on serious events in Iran, ones that would bring Iran back to the American lap or push the Islamic Republic to abandon its Islamic commitments and engage in a project that aims at ending the Palestinian cause, handing over the remaining keys in the region for Israel, and enter to other Islamic strongholds in a new manner that differs from the direct way used by the Bush administration.

Therefore, we believe that the region has entered a new phase in the aftermath of the events witnessed in Iran following the presidential elections. The United States has made many signs to ensure this, including the hints and messages delivered by the American Vice President Joseph Biden, which President Obama tried to downplay but not deny. In fact, the United States, and Obama in specific, gave a green light for its generals to raise the Iranian issue from the angle of the peaceful nuclear dossier in the same manner adopted by the Israeli officials.

We do not acquit some Arab regimes from riding the American wave, one time through providing Israel with serious facilities to use the Arab waters, and other times through implying that they will allow Israel to pass through the Arab airspace during a possible aggression against Iran. Even though we have repeatedly heard the Arabs denying these two issues; nonetheless, talking about them aims at sending a clear-cut message to Iran to the effect that it should abandon its strategic Islamic commitments and responsibilities vis-à-vis the Arab and Islamic nations…proving that the issue is not in any way the Iranian nuclear program, but the opposition of the nation to all projects of hegemony and occupation.

The address of the American President in Turkey or Cairo is now behind our backs, and the new on-ground actions of the United States have started to determine the compass of this administration in dealing with our issues. These actions range between the US interference in the Lebanese domestic situation before and after the elections and its attempts to put the brakes on many projects that cement internal unity, through a wave of pressures practiced directly or by some regional sides, as well as the negative American conduct in Iraq and Iran and Afghanistan, where the United States wants to expose its aggressive face. As such, we can say that the United States did not abandon the project of war in order for it to engage in the so-called peace process. 

While we expect more direct and indirect American pressures in hot or cold issues in the region and expect the United States to expose its reality and real face in the coming days, we call on our people to end the state of passiveness and immobility which the Arab or west-oriented media tries to consecrate. We also call on them to forget the honeyed or vague words of the American president, and start preparing themselves to face the coming period, which will be one of the most difficult periods they have witnessed. We believe that the United States will not content itself with applying pressures, but will start directly targeting the opposition and honored positions in the nation. The enemy is in a hurry and there is a heated race between those who want our nation to succumb, and those who refuse to kneel down. But in the end, the final say will be that of the peoples and the awareness and liberation movements.