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Vatican, Holocaust

Fadlullah condemned the Vatican’s recent position that “he who denies the Holocaust denies the existence of God”

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, issued a statement denouncing the recent position by the Vatican that “he who denies the Holocaust denies the existence of God”. Following is the text of the statement:

“In the midst of the developments engulfing the world these days, and in light of the Israeli carnage that killed more than 6000 Palestinian women and children and elderly in Gaza, and while the Muslim world expected the Vatican to support voices calling for the prosecution of Israel’s leaders for their crimes and use of internationally-banned weapons – and because the Vatican espouses the message of Christianity in deterring tyrants and supporting the vulnerable and the oppressed as Jesus (p) did – the Vatican issued a surprising statement saying that he who denies the Holocaust denies the existence of God.

It is certainly sad and depressing that the statement issued by the Vatican came in the wake of Jewish threats to the Pope, most notably by the Chief Rabbinate of the Zionist entity which boycott its relations with the Vatican after the Pope pardoned a British bishop who questioned the Nazis use of gas chambers in executing the Jewish during the Second World War. The Rabbinate only resumed relations with the Vatican when the Pope supported the “Jewish brothers” as he said, and stressed that the Holocaust must not be denied.

The Pope’s statement provoked many questions over the independence of the first Catholic site in the world, and its submission – in a way or another – to Israeli and Jewish pressures and to the conditions of the enemy and its rabbis. The Pope did not denounce these rabbis for describing the Arabs as snakes and bugs that must be killed, or for issuing a fatwa upon which the Israeli army can kill the Palestinian civilians, including children, women, and elderly.

We are fully aware that the Holocaust issue espoused by the West – with it being only based on the Israeli and Zionist story and manipulated to a large extent to control the Europeans – has become non-negotiable and above any questions or scientific and objective researches. As such, anyone attempting to address the issue of the Holocaust in a scientific manner in a bid to clarify this issue and reveal the miseries of the European people during World War II will be condemned, slandered, and pursued, akin to French writer, Roger Garaudy, and others. But to our surprise, the Vatican itself succumbed to this logic and thus the largest official Catholic authority fell under pressures applied by the Jews who seek to see this authority submitting not only to their political pressure and superstitions and myths but also to their defamed and false stories. The Jews intend to tighten their grip over spiritual, scientific, and political powerful positions in the world and force them to work in accordance with the hellish and racist schemes in regarding the non-Jews as inferiors who must be servants for the Jews and their projects.

We will not engage in a debate with the Pope on whether the Jews are innocent of killing Jesus (p), but we are fully aware that they cannot be acquitted from the blood of the Palestinians in Gaza and elsewhere. We expected him to speak out and condemn the heinous crimes perpetrated by the enemy in Gaza. However, the Vatican was only able to issue “shy” words calling for an end to the violence in Gaza. We expected the Vatican to support the Palestinian cause, the most just issue in the world, and the Palestinian people who are the most oppressed in this era in which arrogant powers oppress the vulnerable people who were a great concern for Jesus and his message and march.

While we blame the Pope for this shortcoming and believe that the historical German complex must not play any role in this regard, we emphasize the need to continue the Christian-Islamic dialogue and initiate dialogue with the Pope over this issue among others, for we believe that the pressures applied by the Jews who usurped Palestine must not create a chasm in the Islamic-Christian relations. Furthermore, our perspective of the Christians is based on a Quranic view which says that they are the closest to the believers. We also call upon the Muslims worldwide to carry out a calm and rational dialogue with the Christians over the ideological and political issues, in addition to the human issues in the world. We also call upon them to pay attention to the Zionist attempts to foment a Christian-Islamic feud, namely the pressures exercised on the official Christian institution or the Western research centers under the pretext that these centers are anti-Semitic and that they seek to end Israel’s existence.”