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Fadlullah: They feared Sudan would lead a real change on the Arab political arena, so they wanted to destroy it from inside

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, addressed the Sudanese people and the Arab and Islamic peoples, commenting on the International Criminal Court (ICC) decision to arrest the Sudanese President. The following is the text of Fadlullah's address:

The arrogant world is still looking for new means to penetrate into the Arab and Islamic region and disrupt its stability in any ways and means. It also wants to foment sedition and tension and destabilize its internal situation. The last of these attempts and means was perhaps the arrest warrant of the International Criminal Court (ICC) against the Sudanese President on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity and other issues provoked by the international judiciary which has become suspicious since it was politicized and abstained from prosecuting the Zionist war criminals and engaged in the political game.

In view of this new event, which was aimed at provoking internal reactions in Sudan and others in the heart of the Arab and Islamic region, we address the Sudanese people, through whom we reach out the Arab and Islamic people, as well as the free people of the world, so they further examine this event and its backgrounds, to notice a number of issues:

First: There is no doubt that the ICC, through its general prosecutor, is involved in the international and regional and political movement which is aimed at infiltrating some Arab and Islamic places to provoke sedition and prepare their political and social and security background for a new invasion spearheaded by an arrogant power, akin to the war waged on Iraq and Afghanistan, but through preparing new grounds for internal conflicts, in order to pave the way for some changes in the Arab and Islamic political arena.

Otherwise, this court would have operated independently and fairly, and pursued the Jewish war criminals who occupy Palestine, for hundreds of crime they perpetrated against the Lebanese and Palestinian civilians, the last of which was the one that occurred in Gaza, in which the internationally-banned weapons were used not to mention the announcement of many Israeli officials on their government's desire to bombard the mosques and schools, even the UN-affiliated bodies and hospitals if the need for this bombardment arises.

So if it is about the crimes against humanity, nothing is paralleled to Gaza, in which such crimes were widely committed. And if it is about war crimes, Gaza remains on the forefront, in addition to Lebanon in July 2006. However, they want to convince people that there is an international law and international crimes that seek to establish justice.

Second: The international scheme to target Sudan is not a new one. It was originally an American scheme, but it has regional arms and well-known Israeli goals. The features of this scheme appeared a few years ago, when Sudan refused to succumb to many US conditions which aimed at changing Sudan's positions towards many issues that concern the region, namely the Palestinian cause. These conditions also aimed at pushing Sudan to deny its political responsibilities and abandon the resistance and opposition (to the superpowers) which are consecrated in its system. Sudan has adopted the liberation causes and engaged in the project that is aimed at uniting the nation in the face of the Zionist project, when it refused to conduct compromises and surrender to the enticements offered by some American officials. The plan was mainly to destabilize the region under the guise of an international judicial decision, especially after the failure of other military and security means led by internal insurgent movements that are funded by neighboring countries who are affiliated to the US-backed global arrogant axis.

Third: Sudan has become the focus of the American and international movement in the current and coming periods, because this country is meant to move to the complete opposite political camp, on the one hand, and serve as a message addressed by the United States and the Zionist entity to other countries in the region, namely the opposition forces, on the other hand. They also want this message to reach the Arab leaders who might think of abandoning the American zone under this period in which the United States is unstable on the political, economic, and security levels. The United States wants these leaders to realize that once the time is ripe, or once their mandate is completed, they might be questioned by any international judicial side.

The Sudanese people and our peoples should keep in mind that the international arrogant powers have feared- and still fear- that Sudan might make a change on the Arab political arena, if its political situation becomes stable and if its huge economic capacities and geographical area and wealth were exploited. Hence, the plan was to create an opposite and negative change, through seeking to disrupt the Sudanese domestic arena with the assistance of the international judiciary, in order to prevent Sudan from influencing the Arab and Islamic situation abroad.

Our people should know that the West takes from the international laws what suits it, and implement it in its political and social reality, leaving out the negative parts to apply it on us and on the Sudanese people in particular because it is not only the case of a president or the Sudanese regime, in as much as it has to do with the future of Sudan and the Sudanese people, and Sudan's strategic position and its influence on its Arab and Islamic environment and Palestine. Therefore, these people should unite and remain cohesive, because those who plotted for this hellish game are looking forward for coups, seditions, wars, and more insurgency and anarchies so as to shake the Sudanese tree from inside, leaving its fruits to fall down as the Iraqi and Afghani fruits had done earlier.

The Sudanese people should hold on to their unity, especially since they have always been loyal to and sacrificed for the interests of the nation and its national interests. Arab and Islamic solidarity with Sudan should be expressed, because we are ahead of critical choices and we have to prove to the world that we are the strongest thanks to our unity, cohesion, and insistence on embracing our major causes and strategic priorities.