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Warning from an American Israeli plan to besiege the Lebanese immigrants especially in Africa, Sayyed Fadlullah:
The Lebanese state should draw a contingency plan to confront this plan and expose its goals

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah issued a statement in which he warned form an American Israeli plan to besiege the Lebanese immigrants in Africa.

He said:

We have always warned that the Israeli enemy is making every political, intelligence and economic effort to drive out the Lebanese immigrants in several parts of the world, especially in Africa, where the Lebanese have been very successful.

The economic and investment success of the Lebanbese has raised the concern of the Israeli enemy who saw in it an element of competition with the Jewish and Zionist immigrants and businessmen. Thus, it sought to undermine the foundation of the Lebanese immigrant communities in Africa by claiming that the Resistance will target Zionist businessmen in Africa to avenge for the assassination of Martyr Imad Moghniyah.

This talk in the enemy’s media about the personal security of the Jews in a number of African states could be followed by political pressures to restrain the movements of the Lebanese in Africa that will not only affect their business but their very presence in these countries. This means that the Lebanese state should draw a contingency plan, and contact the concerned African states to expose the Israeli goals.

His Eminence also warned from an American – Zionist coordination in this respect and indicated that if the enemy succeeds in Africa, it will move to besiege the Lebanese immigrants in Europe, Australia and America.

 The Sayyed explained that the Israeli scheme is not new, even if the Israelis are trying to link it with current political situations, especially after the Lebanese immigrants were able to integrate with the Africans and establish a relation based on friendship and cooperation with them, especially that they have been able to strengthen many African institutions and proved that they are successful traders and investors.

Moreover, the Zionist campaign does not aim only at undermining what the Lebanese have established abroad, but it also seeks to deepen the economic crisis inside Lebanon, since the Lebanese immigrants play an important role in decreasing the impact of this crisis.

Finally, the Sayyed called on the African states not to yield to what Israel is planning for or be deceived by what it promotes.

He stressed that we will make all efforts on all levels to maintain the friendship between our peoples and the African peoples on the basis of the humanitarian and Islamic principles of respecting and not hurting the other. He emphasized the Islam calls on all Muslims to be good guests and callers for peace and dialogue wherever they go.