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Sayyed Fadlullah Condemns the London Blasts

Following the explosions that terrorized London, on the 7th of July 2005, the Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah , issued the following communiqué :

These criminal acts that move from one place to another are not accepted by religion, the mind or any religious or lay law. It is a kind of barbarianism that Islam unequivocally rejects; no matter how much some try to suggest that Islam accepts it.

These attacks represent a new episode in the death series planted by agencies or parties that do not respect man, haunt the innocent in their workplaces, and target transport vehicles, are condemned by all human and ethical, standards, regardless of who is behind them.

The tragedies that this destructive madness have inflicted in the world call for an international stand to confront organized state terrorism and that of the groups that use religion or nationalism as a cover, especially that they are acting as a justification, whether directly or indirectly, to the series of criminal acts of several super powers, as well as the plans to widen the scope of occupation or aggression on new Islamic and Arabs countries, both in our region and in the world.

We call on the British, European and Western peoples not to ignore their ethical and humanistic commitments, and retaliate against the Arab and Muslim communities in the West.

On the contrary, they should work together on confronting these acts of evil, by besieging them and containing the emotional reactions that they might trigger, so as to protect the criminals form achieving their goals and executing their plots.