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Fadlullah: International Arrogance turned Pakistan into a front to execute its plans

His Eminence, the Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, issued a communiqué in which he denounced the suicidal attack in Pakistan. It said:

The Muslims in Pakistan continue to face the monstrous crimes committed by the Takfiris who deem lawful the killing of Muslims, especially the Shiites. They also attack their mosques and the praying believers in them, on the basis of the Fatwas made by their religious scholars and leaders. These Fatwas that deem all those who do not belong to their sect to be kafirs, are in contradiction with what the Messenger of Allah said about the blood, money and honor of a Muslim being haram on his fellow Muslims. They also violate Allah's saying: "Take not life, which Allah hath made sacred, except by way of justice and law." But they are ignorant of the Islamic jurisprudence, and are educated by fanatic Sheikhs who do not open up on the Book and the Sunnah, and who do not differentiate between belief and disbelief, which makes them kill the believers in their mosques, on the basis of considering them kafirs.

This has been repeated in many countries, killing groups of believers and deceiving teenagers and simple – minded people by promising them that they will enter paradise, being strugglers for the cause of Allah. This is what happened a few days ago when a fifteen years old teenager tried to bomb himself inside a mosque in Northern Pakistan (Chakwal in the Punjab province). When he was not allowed to enter, he blew himself at the entrance, killing 22 people and wounding 40 others that were coming out of the mosque. Thus, there are two crimes committed here. The first is taking advantage of the boy's childhood weakness and convincing him to bomb himself. And the second is blowing up the praying believers.

I strongly condemn this crime, and emphasize that it gives a distorted image of Muslims who are falsely accused of terrorism by the enemies of Islam. And we call on the Muslim world to reject these horrible acts and isolate those who commit them, as well as to increase the awareness of Muslims and guide them to the Islamic unity which is the only option we have in the confrontation of international arrogance that exploits the weaknesses of the Muslim world to continue to occupy its lands, plunder its weak, and incite strife in its communities. We ask the Muslim religious scholars to denounce those ignorant and murderous takfiri groups who falsely claim that they adhere to Islam. We also hold the Pakistani government responsible of confronting these crimes that destroy the Islamic foundation on which Pakistan was built to unite the Muslims and secure their strength and their right of self determination. But Pakistan has become an open front for the international arrogance to kill civilians and destroy the infrastructure of the downtrodden, on the pretense of fighting terrorism, as well as a country of general chaos in which Muslims kill one another and accuse each other of unbelief.

Lastly, we pray that Allah will have mercy on the martyrs, heal the wounded and preserve the Muslim unity and protect it from the hatred of extremists, the ignorance of the ignorant and the arrogance of the arrogant. Allah is the Most Merciful!