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Sayyed Fadlullah called for a dialogue that is open on the Resistance's arms and that draws a strategy that refuses any tutelage and prevents any alliances that might destroy Lebanon's independence

Sayyed Fadlullah: The Israeli acceptance of the Resistance terms regarding exchanging prisoners is considered the beginning of a new stage that is marked with stability

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah issued a statement regarding the imminent exchange of prisoners between the enemy and the Resistance. He said:

The Israeli acceptance of the Resistance's basic terms regarding the exchanging of prisoners represents a political and a practical achievement. It also takes Lebanon as well as the region to a new stage of asserting the Arab and Muslim identity in confronting all the Israeli attempts that sought to undermine this identity and to present the Mujahideen in the world as terrorist groups whom the entire world should confront.

This submission to the Resistance's terms accompanied by an internal Israeli admission that exchanging prisoners represents a humiliation to Israel, emphasizes that the stage in which Israel used to impose its terms on the Arab and Muslim world in a way that the weak party submits to the strong one has passed and a new stage has been emerged. Thus, the enemy, directly or indirectly admits that the balance of powers between the Resistance and Israel, has created a new reality that could not be turned through threats or intimidations or even through waging wars whose recent experiences, especially in the last offensive on Lebanon, have proved that the enemy's entity is no longer in the position to wage a swift and a decisive war or hit the Lebanese, Arab or Muslim reality in depth without being hit back and paying high prices at the expense of his dignity, power, and his deterrence elements that he was praising recently.

This achievement, with all its political, security and other accomplishments, underlines the importance of confrontation of the enemy and the need of having a strong Lebanon that can build its self-esteem and constitute a great model of freedom and dignity in confronting the enemy.  

Therefore, we think that it is shameful to hold the Resistance as the accused party or to consider its arms as a burden that overloads Lebanon. That is because Lebanon and the nation should live freely, independently and dignified. To be just, we should appreciate the great and unique achievements of this Resistance that represents an immunity for the nation's project in the face of the Israeli-American project. Besides, the doors of dialogue on the Resistance's strategy, along with the general Lebanese, Arab, and Islamic strategy, should be open, based on the objective dialogue on the Resistance's arms, in the framework of protecting Lebanon and its future.

Despite the political vagueness that surrounds the internal Lebanese reality due to many political, media and even security accumulations that have created a complicated atmosphere in the relations between the different Lebanese parties, especially between the majority and the opposition… I consider that the current circumstances, particularly the exchange of prisoners, might pave the way for reviving the internal dialogue and intensifying it. In this way, we can draw the outlines of the internal solution and establish a political and security strategy that protects Lebanon from its enemies and prevents any alliances that aim at destroying Lebanon's independence that we want it to be achieved completely, not only on the level of refusing the foreign tutelage, but also on the level of respecting and dealing on equal footing with the Arab and Muslim brothers. That is because we believe that a strong, free and independent Lebanon can serve the Arab and Muslim causes. But a Lebanon that is held in pledge for this Arab or that Muslim or international country would be considered a submissive Lebanon that whenever it gets out of a crisis, it submerges into other. We also believe that the Lebanese people have the right to be relieved of all the crisis that have diminished their internal balance and their position among the nations.