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Fadlullah warned that some UN representatives carry an Israeli agenda:
Ban Ki-Moon's credibility is under threat and he should prosecute Israel for its espionage networks and assassinations in Lebanon

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, warned that some UN officials exercise an instigative role in matters pertaining to the inter-Arab relations and the Arab-Muslim relations, such as meddling into the crisis between Egypt and Hezbollah to further provoke this issue, while many sides are making efforts to cool it off.

His Eminence accused some of those in charge of sensitive and critical dossiers in the United Nations of carrying an Israeli agenda and attempting to implement the Israeli plans that call the Arabs to deal with Iran as an enemy while encouraging them to open up to Israel and open direct and indirect channels of communication with it, in order to brighten the image of its rightwing government.

The Sayyed stressed that the credibility of the UN Secretary General has become under threat, calling on him to investigate with Israel into its violation of the sovereignty of the Arab States, namely Sudan and Syria, and to prosecute it in the wake of the Israeli espionage networks which jeopardize the Lebanese security.

The Sayyed made the following statement on the US interference in the United Nations and the emergence of US representatives who work to fulfill an Israeli agenda. The following is the text of his statement:

"The Israeli United States is still the same, with some extra dosage of a political rhetoric that aims at rebuilding the international trust in it, and restoring the trust of the Arabs and Muslims in its role. It still seeks to impose its empire and leadership on the entire world, even if the price would be to crush all the nations and smash the human rights system entirely and destroy the world's peace for the sake of its interests and the Israeli interests. Therefore, we do not want the Lebanese to be deceived with the pledges they heard from the US secretary of state, who tried to provoke conflicts and disagreements between them, meddling into the Lebanese elections in a provocative manner which showed that the new administration does not intend to relinquish the behaviors of its predecessor and that it does not intend to lift its hand off Lebanon, under the pretext that it does not want to conduct a deal at Lebanon's expense.

He added: We should examine the extent of the American interference through some of the United Nations steps, particularly the interference of the UN envoy Terje-Rod Larsen in the crisis between Egypt and Hezbollah, and his attempts to revive this issue and further provoke it under the pretext that it is very serious, while many sides are trying to cool off this file and resolve it. Hence, we do not feel at ease vis-ΰ-vis the political complications that resulted from Larsen's visit to Egypt.

He continued: We believe that some of those in charge of critical and sensitive issues in the United Nations do not actually work for this international organization, nor are they committed to its charter which stipulates that its main mission is to impose global peace and security. However, they seek to incite the countries and groups against each other, instead of working to bring their points of view closer and resolve any deadlocks. We noticed that they are also active when it comes to the inter-Arab relations and the Arab-Muslim relations, as they seek to further complicate these relations and increase the tension as to prevent any solution, especially since the current political stage, which is characterized by dialogue, carries many chances for solutions. But these officials rushed to place mines to serve well-known regional and international sides.

He further noted: we warn against the instigative role carried by some UN representatives, which serves the Israeli enemy and seeks to end its predicament that increased with the advent of this rightwing government. It was clear that these representatives carry an Israeli agenda and attempt to trouble the relations of the Arab states with Iran. They even attempted to interfere in the relations between the Arabs, trying to further complicate the relations between certain Arab countries that could otherwise be fixed. This shows that the plan of these representatives is consistent with the plan drawn by the United States, which rests on escalating the attacks on Iran, so that the Arabs regard it as an enemy, and on promoting the Arab openness to Israel and opening direct and indirect channels of communication between Israel and the Arabs, in a bid to brighten the image of its rightwing government, at the expense of the Palestinian interests. It is noteworthy to mention that an Arab leader called the Israeli president to congratulate him on the anniversary of the establishment of this racist entity on the Arab and Palestinian lands.

The Sayyed said: We ask those who claim to be representatives of the United Nations that if the sovereignty of the countries concerns them to this extent, why they don't defend the sovereignty of Sudan which was violated by the Israeli warplanes many times, killing and injuring many Sudanese in Port Sudan. Why don’t' they defend Syria's sovereignty which was violated by the Israeli warplanes in Dayr al-Zur and by the American warplanes in Al-Bu Kamal region? In Lebanon, Israeli violates our airspace on daily basis, and Israeli espionage networks are involved in the state and non-state institutions, which endangers our security. Why does not the United Nations question this enemy over the continued violation of Lebanon's sovereignty at all levels?

Fadlullah concluded: We believe that the credibility of the United Nations' Secretary General has become under threat, and that he should ask his representatives to work in accordance with the sovereignty of the countries and the rights of the people, and to pursue and question the enemy over many Lebanese domestic issues, such as the assassinations and the complicated inter-Lebanese relations, which Al-Shabak former official had confessed that Israel interfered directly or indirectly in. After all, if the UN Secretary General wants to correct the image of the international organization, he should embark on courageous and practical steps at various levels.