Home Archive Statements Fadlullah denounces the abduction of the Assyrian Archbishop in Iraq, Paul Faraj Rahoh. 6-3-2008 A.D

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Fadlullah denounces the abduction of the Assyrian Archbishop in Iraq, Paul Faraj Rahoh

Fadlallah calls for the immediate release of the Assyrian Archbishop

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah declared that the Christians presence in Iraq and the region is a genuine one. He called for the respect and protection of this presence by all means and capabilities, as well as protecting the other minorities.

The Sayyed denounced the kidnapping of the Assyrian Archbishop in Iraq, Paul Faraj Rahou, and called for his immediate release. He emphasized the need to reassure the Christians in Iraq, so that this country will remain a meeting place for all religions and humans. He held the occupation responsible for the killing, abduction and dislocation the Iraqis are being subjected to through the chaos and the Takifiri mentality it created.

His Eminence issued a communiqué in which he denounced the abduction. He said:

We denounce the abduction of the Assyrian Archbishop in Iraq, Paul Faraj Rahou, the killing of his guards, and all abduction operations that target innocent people, and appeal to the official and popular parties to release him immediately.

We also emphasize the necessity of Muslim – Christian coexistence in Iraq, on the basis of national unity and call for reassuring the Christians so that Iraq will remain a religious and human meeting place to all political and religious trends, as well as  a civilized position in which Islam opens up on all citizens with love, mercy and freedom.

Iraq has never witnessed throughout its national history such inhumane operations of killing, abduction and dislocation of its citizens. It has always abided by the Islamic values of respecting humans and solving political and religious differences by means of a calm objective dialogue.

But the American and British occupation have founded a state of security chaos and a Takfiri mentality that promote its strategic gaols, that made such an attitude possible.

The Iraqis and the Arabs as well, should shoulder the responsibility of this wounded country in confronting the American arrogant policy that is planning to destroy the entire Arab and Muslim reality and spread hatred between the various sects and religions, before the temple falls on the heads of all people.

Based on our religious capacity (as an authority) we call on all parties in Iraq to make all efforts to preserve the Image of Iraq as a united pluralistic and diverse country despite all the tragedies and divisions the occupation has created. They should also protect ethnic religious and political minorities, especially the Christians whose presence in the region is a genuine one. Such a presence should be protected on all levels.