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Hoping that the Lebanese understandings would lead to Arab ones;
Sayyed Fadlullah: The obstacles that hinder the Enemy's project could not constitute by themselves a lever for the Arab state

 The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah issued a communiqué about the recent Lebanese understandings. He said.

What is actually devastating the Arab world is the political lines that are associated with international axis, that make  all effort to prevent any understanding between any two Arab countries, just as they used to prevent the Lebanese from  reaching an understanding about their mutual political issues.

The confessional and sectarian strives that the political and Media circles have been preoccupied with has been launched by the arrogant powers' instructions, and especially the American ones. They wanted the Sunni-Shiite controversy that was inflamed politically and in the media to exert pressure on the major issues so that the Muslims will be overwhelmed with their internal problems in such a way that the will yield to foreign occupation and surrender to the arrogant powers who will impose their conditions, and even pose as a broker in intermediating between the Arab and Muslim countries.

Moreover, the obstacles that obstruct the arrogant project in the region cannot on its own act as a lever to the Arab and Islamic world.

The Islamic and Arab project that we want it to achieve real unifying steps is still remote. Furthermore, the subversion and devastation capabilities in the Arab and Muslim world is by far easier than the building operations that still face several barriers and walls the foreigners and the arrogant powers have erected in our environment, and through their agents who might hold Arab or Muslim nationalities but who do not feel the duties of belonging to their nation.

We have previously called for an internal Muslim dialogue especially between Shiites and Wahabbis, but not on the basis of exchanging complements of fiery words. We want the religious scholars to sit side by side and study the means of getting out of the deadly circle that the accusation of Takfiri and calling for falsehood emerge from… I believe that we could reach understandings if we adopt the Islamic scientific foundations of dialogue. Such understandings could further develop into a vision of the Arab-Islamic project which we want to embrace all the Arab and Muslim countries, so that each state would not have a project that might be contradictory to the greater ambitions of our nation.

On the Lebanese level, I hope that the recent Lebanese understating could lead to new pan-Arab understating, because I do not believe that there is any issue that calls for all this divergence between Arab states, and because those who intermediate between Palestinian factions or even between the Palestinians and the enemy could do the same between Arab countries.

There is a possibility that the Lebanese understanding can have a positive effect on the Arab world. Just as Lebanon has been negatively affected by the regional problems, it could have in its turn some positive effect on the region once it formulates a solid internal understanding.