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Fadlullah: The NATO is like a stick [to threaten the Arabs] in sea and land in favor of Israel's security

The Sayyed gave a statement addressing the American and Israeli security violation for the sea and land of the Arab and Islamic region. The following is the text of the statement:

The Arab and Islamic region is going through a new stage, which is no less dangerous in terms of its security and safety and economy than the previous years. The region is still a target for the international arrogance, due to its wealth and because it can be easily infiltrated at the political and security levels. In addition, this region does not enjoy much immunity and those in charge of this region do not extend much effort to protect it from foreign aggression, the means of which have increased recently.

The Arab security is violated by the international and Israeli ambitious sides. No other region in the world is violated, or exposed to various kinds of assaults as the Arab region is. Yet, there are no internal voices objecting to this violation, and the Arab summits and meetings do not seek to stop these assaults or embark on regular measures that would make the others think twice before violating the Arab security. As a result, the others' ambitions continue to grow, while the Arab impotence continues to exist.

The recent Israeli aggression on Dayr Al-Zur in Syria was one of these serious assaults, which did not move the United Nations. However, this assault was a chance for a new international attack on Syria, by the International Atomic Energy Agency and Western sides who attempted to manipulate the assault to disrupt the domestic Syrian situation. There is also the US attack on Al-Bou Kamal region in Syria, and other operations that targeted resistance leaders, under the pretext of war on terrorism.

The Arab and Islamic region is almost entirely violated in favor of the Israeli and American security, under the pretext of eliminating the weapons of mass destructions as happened in Iraq, or under the pretext of countering terrorism as the case is in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Sudan, or even under the title of the American national security interests, as President Bush used to say about Lebanon.

Hence, we believe that the political violation was not enough for the Americans and the Israelis who consider the entire region as an aerial and maritime space to serve their interests and for this reason, they ask for the help of the NATO. Therefore, we are suspicious of the NATO ships besieging the region and that are present in the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea and the Gulf entrance and the Strait of Hurmoz. These ships attempt to continue the field occupation of the Arab and Islamic lands and to reveal that the region is under the control of the NATO. However, the Arabs only speak about the Iranian hegemony, in order to convince their people that the threat is coming from the East and that we can negotiate with Israel under Netanyahu in the end.

We deem the Israeli violation of Sudan and the raids on ships and positions in the heart of Sudan as extremely dangerous activities. The Western media reported that the Israeli warplanes raided a region in Port Sudan. This raises many questions over the area transcended by the enemy's planes inside the Arab lands and waters. These issues are not addressed by the Arab summits which do not mention the foreign interference in the Arab domestic affairs. And they do not wonder if this violation of the Arab national security was coordinated with the "Arab legitimacy".

We believe that all what is going on is an implementation of the security agreement signed between Israel and the United States during the Israeli aggression on Gaza. The NATO is a stick used to threaten the Arabs in land and sea, in favor of the Israeli security. The region extending from Gibraltar to Bab El-Mandab, until the Strait of Hurmoz is all monitored in accordance with the higher Israeli security interest. The Arab and Islamic security is meant to be subordinate to the Israeli security, which is an unquestionable Western priority.

We believe that piracy in Sudan did not come from vacuum, but it was destined to pave the way for all these ships, in order to besiege the region and make it a location for its marine operations in coordination with Israel, in such a way that the Israeli air violations over Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and Sudan would compliment the American ones over Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia and other countries.

In view of this complicated and difficult reality, in which the Arab and Islamic strategic security is under the control of the enemies, we call on the Arab and Muslim leaders to get out of the narrow circles, in which they feel that their security is menaced only by their peoples. We call on the Arab Ministers of the Interior to look for ways to preserve their violated security, instead of restricting their meetings on agendas addressing domestic terrorism, because we believe that terrorism at home if it does exist is an echo of the external terrorism, which violated our countries.

We call for a summit meeting to address a practical strategy to preserve the Arab national security, which is exposed to a mass invasion. The enemy's success in implementing this scheme will undermine the political and economic and social security of a nation which is still looking for its violated wealth on its land and its violated billions in the financial and economic games of others, and its occupied and exploited lands.