Home Archive Statements Sayyed Fadlullah's communiqué on Rice's visit to the Region,5-3-2008 A.D., 27 Safar 1429 H.

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Sayyed Fadlullah's communiqué on Rice's visit to the Region

Fadlullah: Rice's visit to the region aims at protecting Israel and failing the Arab Summit  

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, saw in the recent visit of the American Secretary of State a move to contain the popular rage in the Arab and Muslim world as a result of the savage crimes the Israeli enemy committed in its last aggression on Gaza. This aggression has embarrassed several Arab countries of the so-called moderate states, and drove them to pressurize the Palestinian Authority which had to freeze the negotiations as a result of the Palestinian popular unity of both Hamas and Fateh.

His Eminence pointed that Secretary Rice seeks to protect Israel from the devastating media impact of its brutality and coordinate with some of the Arabs and even some of the Palestinians in the PA in blaming Hamas for all the victims in Gaza at the West Bank and not Israel, despite all the killings of children, women and elderly, and despite the suffocation blockade, as well as the occupation's humiliation of the Palestinian people in all its practices through out its history.

Another aim of the visit is to suggest that the American gunships came to protect the American interests, and strengthen is allies in Lebanon and the region in an attempt to emphasize America's strategic position of controlling the crisis in the region through the Lebanese gate.

The Sayyed warned from the American continuous efforts, especially through Rice's visit, to create chaos in the Arab world, which would have a negative impact on the Arab Summit that America is trying to ensure that it will fail and will not come out with any effective results vis-à-vis  the Palestinian and Lebanese questions, especially that the American officials have rejected the Arab initiative to resolve the Lebanese crisis.

All what the Arabs can do is to applaud the American visits, since they indicate the American love of the Arabs, like kind of love that is fatal.