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Fadlullah received the Representative of Hamas in Lebanon

Sayyed Fadlullah: The Arab reality could tempt Israel to commit new massacres  

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received a delegation of Hamas headed by its representative in Lebanon, Osama Hamdan.

The delegation briefed the Sayyed on the developments that led to the Israeli eradication war on Gaza, as well as the war itself. The two parties also discussed the Arab stands towards these developments.

Hamdan pointed out that the enemy was surprised by the fierceness of the Resistance in confronting the attack, as well as by the citizens' clinging to their land and refusing to flee from the shelling, despite the eradication war against them.

Sayyed Fadlullah emphasized the necessity of the unity of the Palestinian positions on all levels. He pointed out that the internal Palestinian dialogue is a must that should be resorted to, right away, because it is impermissible for the internal Palestinian differences to pave the way for the continuous carnage.

The logic that some Arabs adopt, and that raises the issue of the Palestinian rockets and ignore the root of the problem which is obviously the occupation, is a logic that is subjected to a lot of dictates and probably temptations. It also suggests a kind of complicity that could be due to certain promises that had been made to the Americans. The Sayyed added that Israel kills in the West Bank as it does in Gaza and that it needs no justification to continue its massacres.

His Eminence called for unveiling the role played by some of the Arab regimes in broadening the scope of the eradication war against the Palestinians, and considered that the problem some of the Arabs are facing now is the Intifada and the Resistance movements that embarrass them and drive them to such reactions.

The Sayyed called on the Nation to show its solidarity with the Palestinians on all levels, including the political economic and the military, indicating that the current Arab reality could drive Israel to commit new mascaras, which means that the nation should be ready to face such developments.