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Appeal, Religious scholars , Gaza , the Palerstinian cause

In a letter addressed to the Sunni and Shiite scholars and references, Fadlullah called for a quick meeting to support Gaza:
We must mobilize the Arab and Islamic people to regain all of Palestine, from the river to the sea

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, said that the Sunni and Shiite scholars must work hard to regain all of Palestine, from the river to the sea, and to mobilize the Arab and Islamic people for this purpose.

His Eminence called on the Islamic references and scholars – both Sunnis and Shiites – to convene a quick meeting to address the following two issues: supporting the Palestinians in the street and with all means within reach, melting the ice that has accumulated over time between the confessions due to the takfiri fatwas, in addition to eliminating the rubble of exaggeration superstition and myth .

The Sayyed asked: If a crime of this magnitude and a disaster of this level fail to assemble the Sunnis and Shiites in the Al -Haram  Mosque or Al-Azhar or Al-Najaf, then what kind of calamity and reality will group them? Fadlullah expressed surprise that some of the scholars extend their hands to shake hands with the Zionist murderers under the guise of the Interfaith Dialogue and other pretexts, while they abstain from convening a meeting for the two wings of the nation.

Sayyed Fadlullah appealed to the Sunni and Shiite scholars and references in the wake of Gaza's events. The following is Fadlullah's appeal:

The Palestinian people in Gaza are undergoing a very difficult reality, with the Israeli carnages continuing brutally and savagely, harvesting more martyrs and wounded, in light of an international umbrella and agreed-upon positions that do not embarrass the enemy, and amidst Arab and Islamic stances that only condemn Israel and do not exceed the level of providing medical aid and food which do not tip the balance in favor of the Palestinians in the battlefield. This reality must prompt the Sunni and Shiite scholars to meet in order to lay out the practical foundations to help the Palestinian people further resist, face, and triumph over the enemies of the nation and religion.

I wonder: Such an atrocious massacre and a heinous crime and extensive genocide did not push the scholars of the nation to convene a quick meeting and necessary gatherings to address the appropriate means through which they can apply pressure on certain regional and international sides, or warn the rulers in the Arab and Islamic countries, or threaten the officials and authorities that their thrones are in jeopardy if they do not take quick actions. Seeing that such a pressing reality was not an enough motive for the scholars to apply pressures by all means within reach, then what kind of reality do they need to move?

The cries of the women, elderly, children, and youths in Gaza are the responsibility of the Sunni and Shiite scholars in the first place, who should quickly mobilize the nation in order to make the rulers and officials assume their responsibilities. The scholars must expose whoever comprises at the expense of the rights of the Muslims and Arabs, and act against – with their words, positions, and actions – whoever is tempted to collude with the enemy or allow the later to shed the blood of the Muslims…

I wonder: As we hear a lot about the political axes in the nation or the Arab countries, are there any axes at the level of the references and Islamic scholars? And if these political axes have met in a way or another in order to lift the responsibility off their shoulders, by meeting within the context of the Arab League or the bilateral, trilateral, and quartet  meetings and washed their hands of the Palestinian blood, why are the scholars still away from each other? Why are these scholars issuing separate statements under sectarian and confessional titles and under the auspices of this or that authority, instead of issuing statements within an Islamic unifying context and a unified Sunni-Shiite gathering, and under the dome of Al-Haram Mosque mosque in Mecca, or Al-Azhar or Najaf or Qom or Lebanon among others?

The irony is that the heroic and steadfast Gaza, and its patient, faithful, mindful, and pious people managed to unite the Arab and Islamic street, but it failed to unite the Muslim scholars, some of whom have engaged in confessional calculations, while others are busy provoking sectarian and confessional feelings… But it seems that these scholars did not listen to the Prophet [p] who said: "The Muslims in their mutual love, kindness, and compassion are the like the human body…", and ignored his call: "Whoever hears a man calling O Muslims and does not respond is not a Muslim."

There are dangerous events besetting the region, namely the strife being plotted between the sects, and within the same confession, or the barbaric attack staged against us and the attempts to wipe out one of our most sacred causes, the Palestinian cause. They want to finish off this cause, and the carnage in Gaza is an attempt to do so…

Out of my religious responsibility and in view of the aforementioned facts, I believe that our reality has become catastrophic, not only in terms of the field events in Gaza, but also at the level of the nation's major issues. My religious responsibility drives me to call on the Sunni and Shiite religious scholars, and the senior references, to convene a quick and emergent meeting for the following purposes:

Supporting our people in Gaza with all means and reassuring them with a supportive Islamic position. Muslim masses must take to the street in solidarity with the Gazans, and field steps must be announced by the nation's religious scholars, who should then attempt to melt the internal ice between the sects that has accumulated due to certain events that have built up throughout history, and the takfiri fawas. The scholars must also seek to eliminate the rubble of exaggeration [Golow] and superstition(myth) which confuses the Islamic reality and provokes discords among Muslims.

The religious scholars must manipulate the unified reality created by the Gaza events, in order to embark on quick and practical steps to face the nation's enemy that kills the Shiites and Sunnis without any restrictions. All Muslims must engage in the political and cultural and field battle to face and thwart the goals and objectives of the enemy.

This reality, upon which the nations   are  playing concerted  roles to end the Palestinian cause in collaboration with the enemy, must prompt the nation and its religious scholars to stress the need to restore all of Palestine, from the river to the sea, benefiting from this leading public stance. Through an ongoing mobilization of the Arab and Muslim peoples, we must reaffirm the need to create a jihadist and political history that insists on regaining all of Palestine and refuses all what is raised about the 1967 borders and the like , because Palestine must return to its people whom it embraced before the advent of the Zionists and their usurpation of the land. The Arab and Islamic Palestine can embrace the followers of all religions,  who had  lived in it with the Arabs and Muslims , and  represented its people.