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Fadlullah: The Americans are wrong if they believe that the conditions are ideal to terrorize and threaten Iran


His Eminence, the Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, has noticed that the American Administration doves have become hawks overnight; so much so that it is now difficult to distinguish between [Ehud] "Barack's" threats to Iran and those made by the American war minister, Gates. He stressed that the honeymoon between the American Administration and the Zionists has indeed begun, and he expects a hidden gimmick to emerge soon and be used to laugh at the Arabs, in the form of a temporary freezing of settlement construction.

He underlined that the American Administration is wrong if it is counting on a conviction that conditions are now ideal to terrorize Iran.  He pointed out that the latter becomes more cohesive whenever it faces a foreign threat, and he affirmed that Iran does not want to have nuclear arms.

In a statement, His Eminence, the Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah broached the recent American positions against Iran.  He said: The recent American movements in the region, and especially in the last few days, have shown that the American Administration has never been closer to the Zionist entity than what it is at this stage. Even when some western information media were trying to suggest that the Obama administration is upset and angry because the prime minister of the enemy government has failed to understand that the administration in question needs formal concessions from him, and he did not deliver any, even verbally.

The American envoys to the region have talked about "strategic friendship" and "special relations" between the United States and the enemy entity, especially the statement made by Envoy Mitchell that the relations between the United States of America and Israel are strong, and that the friendship between the two states cannot be shaken. There is also the statement made by war minister Gates to the effect that his country will continue to give "military, economic and technological assistance [to Israel], thereby permitting the latter to obtain the most advanced weapons." These positions taken by the American envoys to the region have shown that the President Obama Administration has indeed begun to be subservient to the Israeli "agenda," and not vice versa, especially with regard to the Iranian file.

It was clear from the start that the American Administration, which has put the Iranian peaceful nuclear program on the table and associated it with its agenda for a settlement in the region, has been trying to show that it is loyal to the enemy entity, that it is going to strive to dispel all its concerns and fears, and that it will not engage in a dialogue with Iran in order to solve its problem in Iraq and Afghanistan but so as to prevent Iran from becoming the scientific, technological, and military force that the Zionist enemy fears so much.

Remarkably, American political public figures have hurriedly visited the enemy entity one after the other, especially after the statements made by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton in which she said that "the United States will deal with a nuclear-armed Iran by arming its allies in the Gulf and by expanding the defense umbrella over the region."  These statements raised the enemy's fear of seeing America accept the idea of a nuclear Iran. This was followed by an American exaggeration of the situation and escalation of threats against Iran, especially on the part of war minister Gates who has, beyond any doubt, announced submission to the main Israeli condition that was posed to the American Administration from the start: Iran must be given a fixed delay for dialogue, until next autumn.

The American Administration doves have become hawks overnight, to the extent that it is now difficult to distinguish between threats of the American war minister and the Israeli war minister against Iran. And it transpires that the threats made by [Ehud] "Barack" two weeks ago, to the effect that his entity is ready to launch new wars, carry American fingerprints. Similarly, Gates' recent threats were made against an Israel backdrop. So, the American honeymoon has begun with the right-wing Israeli Government that includes the most blood-thirsty Israeli public figure who has received the largest number of medals for shedding Arab and Islamic blood.

The honeymoon has indeed begun, and a new hidden gimmick is going to be added to it, created by the American-Israeli mind, to temporarily freeze settlement construction to laugh at the Arabs.  The objective is to get them out of their embarrassment and to enable them to take to the normalization bandwagon and, from there, to talk about the "real enemy" [Iran] who threatens peace in the region and refuses to sell out Palestine as others did.

We believe that the American Administration that has decided to appease the enemy to the largest extent and to accept the view of some regional powers to raise the stick in the face of the Islamic Republic of Iran will reap disappointment and loss, as did the previous administration. Because if it believes that the conditions are now ideal to terrorize, threaten or attack Iran, it would be failing to forget a reality known to all in the region: Iran becomes more unified and more cohesive, with its ranks tightly closed, whenever it is facing an aggression or a threat. And, if it believes that the Arab conditions are fully propitious for closing down the Palestinian issue file, and for selling the Palestinians to the occupying Jews, then it is feigning to forget the resistance and the rejectionist forces, or it is feigning to ignore a report carried by a well-known western newspaper recently that the Arab peoples are waiting for a specific event to break loose from their shackles and engage in a revolution against the declining dictatorships.

We warn the American Administration that it is very wrong if it believes that it can break the power link in the region, which is represented by Iran and by the forces of resistance and rejection. Such a belief would be a lethal strategic mistake, despite the American suggestion that the new situation of the occupation in Iraq and in Afghanistan enables the United States to emerge from the role of hostage to play the role of the sole player, in control of the situation in the region.

While we sincerely affirm that Iran does not want to have nuclear arms, even if they were offered to it on a golden platter, we know that the new, and at the same time old, American game remains unchanged.  It is based on using the Iranian file as a scarecrow in order to conclude more arms deals with the Gulf states and others. The aim is also to plunder what remains of the financial potential of our countries, after draining the oil and gas energy sources. They want to use our resources to rescue their ailing economies and their treasuries that had almost run out of liquidities had it not been for the Arab help, which is given to others at a time when UN development reports speak of the Arabs going through their biggest disaster, amid poverty and unemployment. This is in addition to large figures that have been announced concerning asylum-seeking, that have no equivalent in the world.

At the same time, we warn the resistance and rejectionist forces not to be lulled, to be vigilant and to remain ready and on their guard because facts have shown that the arrogant project in the region is still there, even if it has suffered setbacks, and that they are coming back with new attires and with new taming methods. So, the situation requires a comprehensive plan at the political level, as well as a counter-action program that exploits the popular conditions, the international developments, and the weak point of the arrogant ones and of the occupation, in favor of the downtrodden and the persecuted. The latter must move as one cohesive force after international axes have sought to drive them apart and to disperse them, in a lethal doctrinal and political fanaticism game.