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Sayyed Fadlullah condemned the Israeli's savage brutality in Gaza

The Arabs have resigned from Palestine  

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah issued a communiqué in which he condemned the Israeli's savage brutality in Gaza: He said:

There seems to be an official Arab resignation not only from the Palestinian cause, but also from their conscience or their humanitarian feelings, as they are faced by what looks like a mass eradication of the Palestinians by the Zionist enemy who has been using his killing machine for more than half a century.

It seems that it is no longer feasible to rely on the Arab regimes, neither as individual states nor through the Arab summits which only produce additional concessions in the face of the Israeli intransigence and the American support.

It is regrettable that what is happening now in Palestine reminds us of the Arab and international position regarding the Israeli aggression against Lebanon in July 2006. The Palestinian Resistance is held responsible for the aggression because it launched rockets, which are a reaction to what the occupation is doing. The Arab official position is but total silence, which suggests complicity and facilitating the enemy's task of riding the Arabs from the embarrassment caused by the Resistance to the occupation that enjoys international especially American support.

If has become clear that the liberation and the resistance movement should not expect any support from the Arab regimes, the International community, or the Security Council that has fallen under American hegemony to the extent that it did not allow it to condemn, not even once, all the crimes of war and eradication that Israel has committed against the Palestinians, the Lebanese and other peoples. Moreover, we have seen in the Secretary General's Communiqué what confirms the lack of objectivity and the adoption of double standards and holding the victim responsible for the crimes and brutality of the murder.

It is disgraceful that faced by this daily brutal killing of children including infants, some Palestinian officials should equate between the Resistance and occupation. This is not the time to settle naïve and narrow accounts.

The Palestinians ought to hold a unified position against the occupation. All Palestinian Resistance factions should take part in the confrontation, since all they have to lose is their chains.

What is going on in our region consists a new phase of the struggle. It is a dangerous phase, which we are witnessing its beginning with the Americans sending their ships to the Mediterranean, in front of the Lebanese shores. Such a development could well be a declaration of war, and it is actually an attempt to subjugate the Resistance parties and giving a cover for the radical changes intended to occur in Lebanon, Palestine and the region in general, and to prevent any possible responsible Arab stand in the coming Arab summit.

It is shameful that some Lebanese official stands have announced that the movement of the American was not discussed or coordinated with them. Such positions are no longer sufficient, especially with the American talk about coordinating with some of the Arabs. The Lebanese and Arab rejection to these moves that will only lead to further chaos and destruction should be crystal, clear and decisive.

It is ironic that the American officials say that this aggression aims at "encouraging regional stability", since everyone knows that America has torpedoed this stability and put the entire region on the top of a volcano which is throwing the fires of war in all directions, especially after it invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, and gave Israel a free hand in eradicating the Palestinian people and liquidating the Palestinian cause .

Faced by this dangerous watershed in the history of our Arab and Muslim nation, and the imperial project of hegemony and fragmentation, in our region, and faced by this Arab official failure in holding the responsibility before the nation and history, we call on the Arab and Muslim peoples to voice their rejection to all killings in Palestine and to pressure their regimes to take the stand that restores the dignity of the nation of Islam and the Quran, since Allah, as it is said in our traditions, has made the believer free in all his affairs but he did not give him the freedom of being disgraced. In this situation, we recall the saying of our Prophet (p.):

Any one who no longer cares about the affairs of Muslims is not one of them. And whoever hears a Muslims cry for help and does not respond is not a Muslim.