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Fadlullah's Hajj Mission, Holy City of Medina,

The Activities of H.E. Sayyed Fadlullah's Hajj Missionin the Holy city of Medina

Every year, Muslims go to the Holy Lands to perform the Hajj duty and visit Allah's Prophet (p.) in the Holy city of Medina that has witnessed the establishment of the first Muslim state.

In this pure land, the Muslims meet in the Prophet's (p.) city before they head to Mecca to perform the Hajj rituals where their meeting becomes a chance to discuss the issues of the Muslim world, the Muslims' general affairs and the challenges that the nation faces on all levels based on the Holy Tradition: "He who does not care about the Muslims' affairs is not a Muslim". Thus, Sayyed Fadlullah stresses the importance of Hajj that represents a universal conference that unites all Muslims in confronting the challenges caused by the enemies.

And just like all the previous years, as soon as the mission arrived to the Holy city of Medina it started to receive groups of believers and Hajj missions from different Arab and Muslim countries as well as from Australia, Canada, US, Sweden, Norway, Germany and some European countries, in addition to many missions from Iraq, Kwait, Bahrain and Lebanon.

It also received a delegation of the mission of Hezbollah headed by Sheik Muhammad Yazbik, accompanied by Sheik Abdel Karim Ubied, MP Hajj Ali Ammar and some of the mission's officials. They discussed the Islamic general affairs and emphasized that the Hajj season must be a season for unifying all Muslims and bringing them close to each other and far from the sectarian sensitivities that the enemies try to instigate in the nation's ranks.

A delegation of the Religious Authority Sayyed Sadik Ar-Rohani, including Sayyed Husseini Yazdi and Sheik Yakoub Hakiket and a group of scholars visited Sayyed Fadlullah's mission.

Among the personalities that visited Sayyed Fadlullah's mission are Sheik Saleh Al-Jaadan, Hajj Nasir Al-Khalsan, Sayyed Hassan An-Nori, and Sayyed Abu Haidar Al-Mayali.

On the other hand, a delegation of H.E.'s mission headed by Sayyed Ali Muhammad Fadlullah paid a visit to Sheik Muhammad Ali Al-Amri, one of the highest religious scholars and dignitaries in the Holy city of Medina. The delegation conveyed Sayyed Fadlullah's salutations, wishes of good health and appreciations for his efforts and missionary role.

A delegation representing H.E.'s mission also visited the Iraqi Hajj mission in Medina. They were received by Sheik Muhammad Takki, the head of the Iraqi mission accompanied by Al-Mawla, Al-Sheik Al-Mukdadi, Sayyed Al-Al-Mayyali, in addition to many of the mission's members. They discussed various Islamic affairs and particularly the Iraqi affairs.