Home Archive Miscellaneous . Eating sea foods is permissible and a thin barrier does not invalidate Wudu. 1-2-1430/27-1-2009.


Permissibility of eating sea food, and  thin adhesive substances do not invalidate  Wudu,


The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah has reviewed his position (Fatwa) regarding two issues. Following are the old Fatwas and the new ones of both issues.

The first issue:

The old Fatwa: the impermissibility of eating what does not have scales of sea animals.

The new Fatwa: The Sayyed no longer considers not eating sea animals that do not have scales as on obligatory precaution, as he has been fully convinced that the evidence that call for their impermissibility are not sufficient.

Thus, such a precaution becomes only recommendable. It is also preferred not to eat sea animals other than fish.

The second issue:

The old Fatwa: removing the thin barrier before Wudu or Ghusul as an obligatory precaution.

The new fatwa:

Conventionally, the barrier that prevents the washing of the skin and invalidates Wudu and Ghusul is the mobile barrier like the splint and the bandage, and the barrier that has a visible thickness that could be removed or fall down like dough, henna grease and the like, which could easily be removed without any difficulty. Thus, this does not include the thin barrier that tightly sticks to the body. Therefore, this may include substances such as paint and glue, especially if in little amounts which would cause a lot of difficulty to remove. Thus, is this case, although these substances may be on the body, one can wash the skin and both Wudu and Ghusul are valid.