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Fadlullah in a letter to the Danish Government:


Danish parties linked to International Zionism stand behind the offending Drawings.

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah sent a letter to the Danish Government through its embassy in Lebanon, in which he rejected the justification given to the republishing of the drawings that offended the Prophet (p). He said:

We had thought that the issue of the offending drawings has ended and that its repercussions in the relations between the government and the people of >>>Denmark on the one hand and the peoples of the Muslim world and the Muslim communities in the West on the other hand were behind us. And that consequently the resumption of normal relations is what the two parties look forward to, especially to bridge the gap and thwart the plots of those who wish the relations to worsen.

But we were surprised to see that seventeen Danish newspapers have republished the drawings that offend the Prophet (p) and refuelled the Muslims’ anger. This was done under the false pretence of discovering a plot to assassinate the cartoonist who drew the drawings in September 2005.

We, as well as many others, ask about the motive that induces these people to complicate the relations between the Muslim world and the Scandinavian countries, especially Denmark, although everyone knows that there are no previous problems and hot issues, or historical complications that could make Denmark a hostile country to Islam and Muslims, especially that it hosts a big Muslim community that respects the Danish laws and enjoys the protection and care of the Danish state.

Faced by this new development in which the drawings were republished in a provocative way, we are afraid that the same parties that had previously interfered in such issues have urged some fanatics to reopen the issue, creating a rift between the Muslim world and the Scandinavian countries.

We believe that there are some Jews who are linked with International Zionism who work cautiously on complicating relations between  the Muslims and  the Christian West, being afraid that the Muslim-Christian dialogue, and the coordination on the ground between Muslims and Christians in the Western countries would thwart the attempts to stir  a clash of civilizations and  end  the coexistence, opening up and living in peace between Muslims and  the People of the Book, especially the Christians, being the norm that the Holy Quran has called for and the Muslims have practiced.

We deem the Danish Government far above standing silent or trying to justify this offence under the name of freedom of expression, or that the Danish laws do not prohibit offending the scared issues of more than a billion Muslims, even if things turn to the worse and a big problem between Denmark and all Muslim states emerges. We cannot envisage that there is such a law that permits the destruction of the state’s relations with a big part of the world, since the law is supposed to protect the Danish nation and its supreme interests. At the same time, the existing laws prohibit any form of anti-Semitism. Therefore, are we to conclude that anti-Islamism is permissible? And is the freedom of expression restricted to offending the Muslim sacred issues to the extent that no Western journalist will dare to even discuss the issue of the holocaust in an objective way?

Is there a plan to prevent the Muslims' integration in the western societies, despite claiming the opposite, while the Muslims have proven that they believe in coexistence and that they respect the laws and norms of the countries that host them? And that those who offend these laws will be isolated by their communities before any measure is taken by the host states.

We call on the Danish Government to take every necessary step to prevent any going back to these uncivilized methods, for we are afraid that this will allow certain fanatics to interfere. We are also afraid that this will lead, as an emotional reaction, to deciding to boycott yet again the Danish goods, leading to bigger complications and perhaps a major setback in the Muslim Danish relations. This is what everybody should be aware of to thwart all attempts to complicate the relations between the two nations.